These were the arrogant moments that the jury later referred to. A shutout too, if I may add. Jeremy has had a very consistent edit throughout the season and has been shown to take control when necessary using the idol on Stephen, directing the votes at Wentworth instead of Stephen. He talked about making it to Day 39 and telling everyone on the jury why he deserves the million dollars. Edge of Extinction Give Me Five! But at the final six tribal council he was able to take some power back. Woo will not be driving the narrative of the season. He will be remembered as the player that loved his wife and had a newborn son on the way and was able to win the money for them.

Also, worth noting is that the only people we got a confessional from every episode this season were: It could be read as a bad thing or a good thing depending on how you read the edit. Best way to recap the episode. She went big and almost made it all the way to day Thank you all for following Edgic this season, I hope you have enjoyed our thoughts and analysis. Everything that CBS wanted out of Kelly Wiglesworth — the old schooler coming to grips with the new school game — was delivered bigger and better by Varner. What does that mean for Shirin?

It could be read as a ergic thing or a good thing depending on how you read the edit. This is all about Jordan. It is definitely a possibility and one way to read his late-game edit.

If you are unfamiliar with what exactly Edgic is then, you usrvivor get caught up with our Introduction to Edgic article. The edit tried to create some doubt heading into the final four tribal. Date December 14, Posted in EdgicWeeklies.

Edge of Extinction Give Me Five! The MOR people are the hardest to read. Even if Tasha remains in control throughout the finale and makes it to the final tribal council, it seems to be too late.

This time we see Wentworth in the centre of the shot:. Survlvor is an argument that could be made for Tasha having an OTT edit, in the sense that what she said was very exaggerated: Edge of Extinction Survjvor 1 Stats February 23, All of this is great stuff that could easily point to a Jeremy win.


He was given eddgic buffoon edit, and shown to be making amateur mistakes — such as looking for an idol too early. He has been fighting from within a coffin — i.

The strongest winner contenders, Jeremy, Kelley Wentworth, Survivorr and to a lesser degree Tasha, were all given complex edits that maintained their validity to win.

Edge of Extinction Episode 1 Stats February 23, Winners are given tone so that the audience can connect or relate more to that person, or at least feel some sort of emotional reaction.

Survivor: Cambodia Edgic – Episode 14

His story of family helped connect him even further to the jury, and they rewarded him with the win. He has been hanging on. Jeremy is now shown second guessing himself and worrying. Based on the edit….

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But she also added to her gameplay and her goal; which is what moves her into a CP edit. But other than that moment, Tasha had the worst edit out of the final six in this episode. And he was able to maintain that control when he won the final immunity challenge. Plenty of players that began episode one with a CP edit became early boots — just look at Cirie and Tom in Heroes vs. But in the actual game he lost. He was shown building the shelter, starting a fire, leading a yoga class, and winning the challenge.

However, like we have stated the past couple of weeks, it was all too little too late for Kimmi. She made the big moves she wanted to and was a serious threat to win. Similarly, Wiglesworth was presented as a screwed over, robbed Survivor goddess. The edit made it very clear that Tasha was not a contender to win heading into the final tribal council. The good sign is that an early OTTP edit means that there is a strong chance of making a deep run in the game.

The way the other players talked about Abi was the same way people have talked about her the whole game: Hey people of the Inside survivor world.


As viewers, we know that Jeremy has an idol in his pocket. Heroes vs Survivot, four people received episode one OTT edits: It is also about the relationships you build to carry you through the 13 you are not in control. Not only did she get back in the loop but she returned to her Queen of Angkor role when she led the majority of the strategy talk and the vote-off.

Edvic was a big character in Cagayan and Ciera became a big character towards the end of Blood vs. If Keith is poking fun at you then you are not going to be the one running the game. From my survivor knowledge, there has never been a season finale with more then five people in it, witch left me wondering how they where going to have three eliminationsplus the final tribalin the tow hour time slot.

Survivor: Cambodia Edgic – Episode 13

She probably had the most dominant strategic edit of the episode. He was shown being wrong when he assumed that Wentworth nor Jeremy had another idol. Everyone still wants him in on their plans. But, Vytas received a significant amount of screen-time and a chance to explain his thought process at tribal council.

The edit never showed any development of Joe from the previous time he played. This is all good stuff regarding setting her sights on the survivot, the problem, however, is that despite wanting an alliance or trust, she ended the episode with no trust and no solid alliance.

The way she talked about Joe was pretty much a description of herself. He was presented as the leader of Bayon with great work ethic. But to head into the finale with zero tone all season is crazy and, dare I say, unprecedented if Wentworth does end up winning?