Hollow Jack Hollow Jack Legendary. Golden Seekling Golden Seekling Mythical. Coral the Furryfish Coral the Furryfish Mythical. Fear Doomling, the courier who burns and is not consumed. Apparent in some fierce battles, but hidden from others, his myth is both his curse and inconsistency brought to the battlefield. Fond of secrets and artifacts, he hopes you’ll never finish farming. No longer shall a heroes thirst go unquenched! Market 61 – Treasure of the Sunken Maiden.

With a bag full of luck on its shoulder, the Little Green Jade Dragon brings good fortune to the worthiest of warriors. Check out our developer job postings and work in esports! Wyvern Hatchling Wyvern Hatchling Legendary. From the forests beneath the Wailing Mountains, a new friend and companion appears, small in stature but enormous in spirit. Inky the Hexapus Inky the Hexapus Mythical. Market New Bloom Festival Many critters can be trained to ferry tools into battle. Tired of hauling a Diretide sack?

Bundled with The Summit 2 tournament ticket. Treat him well, for he is very attached to you. Fearless and quick, it bends its will to none save vourier who have earned its trust.

But a lane shark’s life is a simple thing, lacking in higher meaning. The International Can be upgraded to the Fire and Golden styles. This trusty Yak bears a thrice-blessed Mask of Duty, as is requred of all those noble beasts who might serve in battle. Market 68 – Treasure of the Cannon’s Fuse. Bundled with the ticket for the Dota 2 Champion’s League Season 4.

SLTV Star Series Season 10 – Dota 2 Wiki

Market Treasure of the Rotted Gallows. Obtained by amassing 8, ability points for the Year Beast Brawl. Call for Beetlejaws as often as you’d like.


It hides stoic judgment beneath a painted mask of fine birch. Market 74 – Gold Trove Cask. Check out our developer job postings and work in esports! Market starladder – Treasure of the Forged Fury.

Only obtainable by unboxing a Shitty Wizard microplush from the Microplush Blindbox. Snelfret the Snail Snelfret the Snail Mythical.

A skilled companion who can fly above the highest mountain and glide over the bloodiest battlefield, Tory can surpass every flying being in every way possible. What a good boy! Cluckles the Brave Cluckles the Brave Legendary. Market 80 – Treasure starlasder the Fractured Prism. Market Treasure of the Southern Sojourn.

Now a new pup has arrived seeking to take on ccourier mantle, ready to aid warriors in their time of need. Many are the raiders who have set their sights on its wonders, yet only one has ever returned, telling grisly tales of a family of enchanted chests brimming with gold, devouring his friends. This courier was designed coruier collaboration with SingSing. This courier was originally of Mythical rarity but was removed from the store on the 7th June, Trapjaw the Boxhound Trapjaw the Boxhound Immortal.

Wyvern Hatchling Wyvern Hatchling Legendary. Cyril sewson Syrmeleon Cyril the Syrmeleon Rare. For One such as Doomling, being your courier is hell. The International Collector’s Cache. This courier was available for a limited period of time by purchasing the Donkey Courier plush from the Valve store.

Market 70 – Trove Carafe. It is possible to find incredibly rare and valuable versions of many couriers with special particle effects in Treasure Chests. Market Treasure of the Plaited Nebula. There’s nothing like the splattery patter of finny feet to let you know your treasure is secure inside a Boxhound, and safely on its way.


He doesn’t know any better. Many critters can be trained to ferry tools into battle. Couriier the Boxhound Beetlejaws the Boxhound Immortal.

Her enormous elder siblings click their mandibles and roll their many eyes at their sister’s puny proportions. Strength and bravery are Baekho’s gifts, delivered with a growl alongside your items. Licenses for other media varies.

Once believed to be led by demons unknown, only fear now leads this wandering stag through the plains of war. Market 62 – Sculptor’s Pillar 64 – Sculptor’s Monument.

SLTV Star Series Season 10

The Defense Season 4 The shy syrmeleon of the southern isles are rarely ones to travel abroad, xourier find themselves in a battle, or hitch a ride on an elder drakefly. He’s just a little guy!

Strongback the Swift Strongback the Swift Mythical. Drodo the Druffin Drodo the Druffin Immortal. This courier was available for a limited period of time by purchasing the Dolfrat and Roshinante Polo Shirt from the Valve Store.