The king asked him earlier if he would go through the gate with ES, and he answered that, meaning that he will remain with the king. Have you noticed, though, that Lee Min-ho’s face is changing? Exactly the part I loved best in this recap. Although I can understand WHY so many fans would love to see a kissy-huggy ending, there are times when such providing something just for fanservice degrades the drama as well as the viewers. I know this is, politic-wise, supposed to be a prelude to all the things Gongmin does but I, too, felt we just left him and Noguk hanging. I liked this ending.. Young puts his foot down, dragging the sword along the floor like it weighs about two tons.

TheOwlScribe August 7, at 3: However the Yalu river extinction happened in Unlike her first time-travel in Ep. But in Faith, he looks very good in most of the shots, except in some scenes when he again gain some pounds on the face. Thanks for the recap! I agree with everything you said, esp: Can we break the tension for a round of hugs?

But alas, he just got a cursory Future-You-does-some-good-stuff nod to the audience, which left me wishing for more. Aden01 October 30, at 9: Gongmin finds his room tossed docotr the eunuchs find a few things the baddies left behind: I find that the quiet gazing with emotions overflowing in their eyes are more touching than a kiss.

I think you meant gu jun-pyo.

D she practically jumped in time, destroyed a lot of possible futures, and had to correct each and every small departure from the timeline SHE knew until she got it right – noguk and gongmin, choi young dying in his old age still violently but at least he got to live – it’s implied they did have their together years.

I’ve found you at last. Honestly, I wasn’t that into kdrama when she did most of her work, so I was unfamiliar with her, but I was really impressed.

kutudrama: Update Sinopsis Faith Episode 24 – End

So why did the hand tremble? Maybe this has been explained elsewhere or in the comments here already. Even though, even until the end, Ki Chul remained one of my favorites. I may have loved City Hunter best coz of caith director, but the romance here is my favorite.


She goes to an inn and sees some familiar uniforms. Ya, i am converted too. The master giving up his life after failing to find a king – his kind of king – to serve was his way of running away. Eoisode hard to sustain my interest when the directing is not engaging and the writing is repetitive I have loved every interaction between the king and his queen and her committed love to him, always willing to stand by his side, no matter what he is going through.

Was I lacking in yearning? This is SH’s analysis.

Thank you, Florentine Lily, for sharing your thoughts! I think the trembling of CY’s hand was related to faiht not finding his purpose in life yet, which was connected to him finding his king.

It’s implied that more trips were possibly made, but since it isn’t shown, I can’t say for sure.

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Young follows their trail, but always a half-step behind. However the Yalu river extinction happened in I can see where the hot stands in lee min hot Thank you beard! Don’t get me wrong, i love your recaps, but i like what Joonni has written here on it as she says the writer wants us to walk that journey together with ES and thus at certain spots things look so uncertain.

I was so relieved that they found each other at the end that i did not think about how the portal could only have opened 67 years later. Meanwhile, the stateroom is at a standstill. As I said, I felt more confused with the wrapping of this show than enlightened with answers. The final few episodes have been too serious and laden with politics!

Also, given the show choose to use very specific historical characters, and reference very specific historical events, there’s no hint of coming to terms with the very specific grizzly ends of both Choi Young and Gongmin in the fallout from the collapse of the Goryeo dynasty.


Has to be less than 5 years.

Sinopsis ‘Pink Lipstick’ Episode 147,148,149 (Final)

What a long-winded comment! I think the same goes for the time space continuum too He finds Eun-soo and Young on their way there, and asks how you go through the afith. I think I’m going to avoid watching shows live. Kim Yoonmi October 30, at I loved the message.

If someone has already answered the query, please disregard. I know this is, politic-wise, supposed to be a prelude to all the things Gongmin does but I, too, felt we grezt left him and Noguk hanging. So even though she’s now Past Eun-Soo, it’s technically her second time trip.

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Otherwise, I would have lost the littlest of faith that I had in this drama. I love love love it, and am so happy to see it mentioned here, and everyone should read it.

Of course there was a 4th and 5th trip and possibly 20th trip. However, I also think that finding the right king to serve was not the answer – even for CY – but to realize that it was their nation that they should serve no matter who sits the throne.

Hope we get the part II where they live as a couple facing all the political scenario and I want to see them grow old and maybe ending the drama with the general’s grave that I have been googling these past week.

But City Hunter still tops my favorite list ‘cos it kept me thrilled at all times, while I’d fast forward most parts of Faith, especially those that Eun-soo and Choi Yong are not in. It brings her back to Seoul.