Even his washboard ab selfies make me yawn and yearn for a higher IQ. Reza thinks MJ is the best cast member in bed, because he has seen her sex tapes. GG says she knows deep down that Leila would be there for her if she needed her. Reza and MJ disagree. Check out the preview clips below. I guess Sean is on the back burner for now? Thank God for Mike during this episode—he was the only one of sound mind at the bar. And So It Continues….

Love After Lockup Recap: Mike says it’s because Lilly doesn’t consider them friends. Good for you, Sasha! So, Reza missing MJ , not okay. GG says she, too, enjoyed it. A viewer wants to know — when MJ talks down to someone and they get upset, she says they need thicker skin. GG got points for that one! And can I just say, Reza is very lucky to have a friend like Mike.

The zone is obviously controlled by Reza’s monthly cycle. On the season finale of Shahs of Sunsetwe celebrate Reza Farahan ‘s 40th birthday and engagement to his boyfriend, Adam Neely.

Stephanie did not party a lot because she was a cheerleader, and needed to watch the carbs, but wants to make up for it reuniion. Reality Tea will be live-tweeting the reunion — join us! Andy wants to know og happened between GG and her sister Layla, they had finally buried the hatchet, until MJ came along. Bravo echo voice over dude: If she said what Ashton said I think Chandler might waterboard her. However, once I saw the two of them at the gay club, my opinion changed. She reminded me of that scene in Borat when he sat down for the formal dinner sorry for the old reference, but she was so Borat!

Best part about it is Asa was trying to tell her mom how good this amazing juice was going to be. God bless GG for trying to have a hand in the argument and screwing everything up. Andy points out that GG has come a long way dealing with her anger, and the rest of the Shahs cast agrees, except MJ.


Reza offers to help, because they’re totally BFFs again, “Loch-nesa and I are so close now that actually putting something in her butt doesn’t seem as alarming to me as it should. MJ thinks it is reunikn that people actually think GG has changed. You can mend a friendship but it will be never be the same. Then why did you ask to be on the show?

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While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of The Shahs of Sunset! Not so much because teunion Lilly. GG snarks, “You don’t have to go all Tango on me. I almost lost my sh– laughing when she said that. Here is all you need to know: Thankfully, that trip was not torture to watch. Unlike MJ, he was able to say he was wrong. Why would she be a Creative Director for another company when she has her own? Asa lays into Lilly until she cries.

Once he realized 1 Lilly wasn’t buying a house and 2 fans hated him, he went crawling back to MJ. I suppose this is a salute to their misogynist, bigoted, classist Greek organizations where rich kids make connections for life.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: What could it be? I really like Lilly. They talk about surrogacy, as an option. Mike thinks that Reza is a backstabber and miserable and broke.

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So not joking — she said it. It was interesting, educational, and heartwarming — but I spied buckets of booze and body shots in the previews for next week. Shahs Of Sunset Reunion Recap: Andy insists FOB fresh off the boat is a hateful thing to say to someone.


Last week in Copenhagen was so much fun! It must feel good to be somewhere where you feel free and you can express yourself. Lilly claims her company is making 7-figures, and she still wants to hear these people out?

Stephanie says some of her best memories were on the floor of a frat house, but they were not sexual. How about a nice glass of orange juice?

Leila loves that GG spent time with her after her marriage fell apart. An opinion is an opinion and I appreciate all of them. I felt bad thinking about little Mike rrcap bullied. But Lilly doesn’t make much sense either. Kameron tells Brandi reuunion is not fair that LeeAnne keeps getting picked on.

So, while packing for Turkey, Asa called everyone to check in. Bravolebrities are so predictable. I don’t know what he went through, so all I can ask for as a viewer is an apology. Where did this Mike come from?!? The crew flips the boat for the next charter of 10 people — 2 of which are children. So my favorites revolve around Lilly Ghalichi and Mercedes “MJ” Javid ‘s crazy mom Vidabut MJ saying that only Persians have to deal with responsibilities like working, caring for pets, cooking, and cleaning definitely deserves a shout out.