It is revealed that Kazehaya used to be on the baseball team. Pin replies that everyone has a heart, so Kazehaya probably has the same feelings. She therefore forces Ryuu to leave, and he ends up going home in the rain. Sawako, Yano and Yoshida are now even closer than they were before, although Kazehaya realizes that now it will be even tougher for him to be alone with Sawako. Kazehaya pulls Sawako into the classroom by the hand and shuts the door. They stare right at each other, Kazehaya realizing they both have the same feelings, and Sawako still being confused.

Sawako is still troubled over what Kazehaya said to her in the previous episode and wonders how she should have responded to him. They eventually call Kazehaya over, and Yoshida and Yano have fun making him jealous by hogging Sawako. Inside, Kazehaya watches Sawako from the back of the classroom, with a dejected look on his face. She explains that nothing could make her want to stay away from him, but runs away after seeing a group of people walking their way in order to keep Kazehaya’s reputation intact. Meanwhile, Kento pulled Kazehaya outside to talk with him about Sawako, and how much of an outcast she was until Kazehaya started talking to her, and also tells Kazehaya that he shouldn’t get to close to Sawako anymore or the other girls will get mad and Sawako will become an outcast again. Archived copy as title link. Sawako tells Kazehaya about people apologizing to her for everything she did, and that she was thankful that Kazehaya smiled and said “thank you”.

Out in the courtyard, Kento and Sawako are discussing how Sawako’s finally fitting into class which she hadn’t noticed, and shocks her. Meanwhile, Sawako confesses her love for Kazehaya to Yano and Chizu. They both defend Sawako, telling the girls that Sawako would never be the one who started the rumors.

She continues alone, meeting Kazehaya. His older brother then reveals that he is engaged, Ayane and Sawako look on as Chizuru hides her feelings and congratulate the couple.

kimi ni todoke

She finds out she can go, so her friends convince her to call Kazehaya and invite him as well. She’s surprised he remembers, but has also been thinking the same thing. Before they arrive, Chizuru and Ayane leave, telling Sawako Ryuu actually isn’t coming either. Pin explains that he met Sawako the previous night, and now thinks he is possessed because he doesn’t feel good. The next day Sawako is in the bathroom, wondering how she should start a talk with Yano and Yoshida, when she hears about people talking about the rumors.

She decides not to go to the party, but makes gifts for Chizuru and Ayane. After Sawako explains to Ayane and Chizuru about what Kazehaya said the two days, Ayane looks upon the situation and tries to explain things to Sawako. He runs off, telling her not to worry about it and for her to do well in the solo performance. Everything is no longer chaotic, Kento sees how perfect Sawako and Kazehaya are together, and he expresses his feelings in his thoughts that no one would have thought Sawako would win Kazehaya and Kurumi would end up with a broken heart.


Sawako aspires to be outgoing and friendly like Kurumi, but Chizuru tells the story of how she dislikes Kurumi because Kurumi made her help the girls confess to Kazehaya in middle school. Things have become strained between Sawako and Kazehaya ever since the Valentine’s Day incident. In the meantime, the school gathers to watch a ‘fight’ in the girls’ bathroom. It is now the third semester, and after another seating change, Sawako makes friends with the new people sitting close to her, but can’t help but feel lonely that Kazehaya is sitting further away from her.

A new character, Kurumizawa Ume, appears in this episode. She begins to say she’ll try harder this year so people will like her, but he interrupts and says they already do. Ryu smiles, but Yoshida quickly denies the idea. Ayane threatens to tell Kazehaya, although Kurumi claims that she doesn’t care. She comes out to confront them and tell them it’s a misunderstanding. She recalls her plot of matchmaking Ryu and Sawako together, and how Kazehaya foiled her plan by taking Sawako away from the scene.

Retrieved February 21, He then brings a ball and helps her practice while a jealous Kurumi watches. Ryuu tries to confront Chizuru again, but fails to do so, and only tells her not to come to his house this weekend.

Sawako and Kazehaya walk to the shrine silently. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. While walking home with Sawako and Ayane, they discuss what Chizuru would say to Tooru, Ryuu’s older brother if he was to return. Sawako realizes that Kurumi must have needed a lot of courage to tell Sawako how she felt about Kazehaya.

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Kento stands up and tells Kazehaya that Sawako would be hurt by it. A classmate, Shino, approaches Sawako to eipsode her about these rumors, although Sawako misunderstands and thinks she is talking about the ghost rumors, so she interrupts her, calling it a simple misunderstanding. She realizes that she hates being misunderstood by Kazehaya, so ends up confessing to him. Next day, Ayane goes over to Chizuru’s house to help her get ready for Toru’s Wedding.

They are all having fun, until Ryuu leaves and Chizuru follows, Ryuu once again tries to confess his feelings to Chizuru but is interrupted by his older brother’s arrival. When it comes to Kazehaya’s chocolate, she notices that she has unknowingly favored him among everyone else and becomes very self-conscious.


They talk about their middle school, where Sanada, Yoshida and Kazehaya were all in the same class. Sawako enters the classroom, and everyone starts praising her on how amazing her study sessions are. Kazehaya decides to wait for Sawako to finish tending the flowerbeds. Kazehaya gets mad and tells Kento that zawako does the things he does for a vosrfr. Kazehaya smiles and confidently shouts out to her saying that he likes her.

In the meantime, Kazehaya heads to the room carrying some equipment. Class 1-D decided to have practice during lunch break, although Sawako is clumsy because she has never played soccer before.

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Three of Kazehaya’s friends walk over, to find Kazehaya angry, Sawako crying, and Kento just being there. The drink is considered bribery which Pin had originally intended for and their class ends up getting no points for the parade.

As Kazehaya walks away, Kento shouts to him, asking if Kazehaya has a person he likes. Sawako cries, saying she never had to courage to until now and that she does not know how to be a good girlfriend. Ryu and Kazehaya ovstfr them which Chizuru quickly takes up the opportunity and grab Ryu’s arm running off leaving Sawako and Kazehaya alone together.

At the end of the episode the girls from Class A who bullied Sawako find out about Kazehaya and Voztfr new relationship. Ayane confronts Kento, telling him to stop epiode passes at Sawako, as it is a critical time for her to pursue Kazehaya.

Before Sawako has a chance to tell Kazehaya how she feels, Kazehaya apologizes to her for making her cry and angry, and that he would listen to her no matter what, because his feelings wouldn’t change.

The girls irritated with Sawako tried to follow only to be stopped again by Chizuru and Ayane who somewhat tell them off while comforting them by stating the harsh reality that ‘you only hate Sawako because Kazehaya is in love with her now’ At the rooftop, Sawako tells Kurumi that she has confessed and they’re dating, even though Kurumi already knows from the many gossips.