Prashant praises Kumud’s looks, in front of Saraswatichandra. Jugnu decides to apply sindoor on Kumud’s forehead. Sankrant’s Haldi ceremony iansindia 4 years ago. Kalyanji and Anandji were children of a businessman who migrated from Kundrodi Village in Kutch to ‘Bombay’ now Mumbai to start a grocery and provision store. Kumud and Kusum perform the puja. Dugba decides to get Anushka married to Kabir. Jugnu informs Kumud that he will marry her soon. Some parts of this page won’t work property.

Laxminandan disapproves of Saraswatichandra’s plan to build a poor children’s wing in a luxury hotel. Later, Kumud suspects that Saraswatichandra has consumed alcohol, and returns home. In episode of Saraswatichandra, aired on 8th April , Kumud manages to escape from the tailor’s shop. Dugba instructs them not to leave the house for the next nine days. She suggests him to take Kumud to a place where nobody identifies them. Saraswatichandra proves to her that he is not selfish. Kabir suggests Saraswatichandra to find Kalra. He becomes relieved on seeing Saraswatichandra in his hideout.

Danny and Kabir inform Vidyachatur about the success of a business deal. Kumud tells Kusum that Saraswati Chandra’s saraswatichzndra matches the eyes of her dream man.

Sunanda sends Kumud to the tailor with Kajal, to get her dress stitched. Saraswatichandra explains to Kumud that he had not consumed alcohol in the party.

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Saraswatichandra returns home, and asks Kumud to close all the curtains of the house. Saraswatichandra informs the truth about Prashant to Kumud. Ela breaks the pots made by him. Kabir asks Danny not to worry about Ghuman. Kabir asks the Desai family to believe him. Saraswatichandra S1E1 Episode 1. Saraswatichandra learns that Kumud had agreed to marry him sarasswatichandra just seeing his eyes.


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Menaka informs Saraswatichandra and Sataswatichandra about Ghuman’s misdeeds. Kumud provides food to Ela and assures her that the pots will get sold. Saraswatichandra promises to bring Kabir back, safely. Vidyachatur’s health deteriorates on learning about Saraswatichandra’s disappearance. Saraswatichandra repents for accusing Shankar on learning that he is innocent. Kabir provokes Vidyachatur and Danny to criticise their respective wives.

Season 1, Episode Aired on 25 min.

Saraswatichandra Episode 1

When he offers prasad, his father instructs him to change the attire. Prashant spikes Saraswatichandra’s tea. Yash becomes upset with Kalika. Meanwhile, Kabir manages to escape from the room.

Songs like “Chahe Paas Ho” Lata—Rafi that are remembered to this day were what made the movie a commercial success.

It earned Asha’s 7th and last Filmfare Award as best singer. On location of serial Saraswatichandra 16th May part 2 Bollywood Life 4 years ago.

Kumud’s mother asks her to vacate her room as Saraswatichandra will be occupying it during his stay in their house. On location of serial Saraswatichandra 30th April saraswaticuandra www. Danny, Anushka and Kusum go in search of Kabir. Kumari challenges him to draw water from the well.

Kabir disguises himself as a ghost, and tries to scare Anushka. Saraswatichandra overhears Prashant and Mahesh’s conversation. On seeing Saraswatichandra leaving the house, Kumud breaks down into tears. Kumud tries to comfort him. Later, Kumud enquires Saraswatichandra on seeing the property papers. Saraswatichandra instructs Kusum and Kajal to complain against Sunanda. Kabir and Ghuman discuss about saraswatichzndra holiday. Kumud occupies the entire bed, and saraxwatichandra Saraswatichandra that since she has to sleep alone after he leaves for Mumbai, she is getting used to it.


Kumud and Kusum go to Shiv temple for ekadashi puja. He realises that he has left his key in Kumud’s house. Among these,Kalyug Aur Ramayan and Ulfat Ki Nayee Manzilen had been in the making since long, especially the second one which was in the making sinceits music having been released in itself.

Episode 1 Kumud refuses to marry Saraswati Chandra Episode 2 Saraswati Chandra refuses to marry Kumud Episode 3 Saraswati Chandra writes a letter to Kumud Episode 4 Kumud becomes dejected on reading the saraswatichandta Episode 5 Kumud video chats with Saraswatichandra Episode 6 Saraswatichandra meets Vidyachatur and his family Episode 7 Kumud refuses to show her face to Episoe Episode 8 Kumud asks Saraswatichandra to leave Episode 9 Saraswatichandra saves Vidyachatur from a fire accident in his Dugba becomes furious at Ghuman for her behaviour towards Kumud and Kusum.

Saraswatichandra requests Guniyal to pack pickle and papads for him.

Kumud asks Danny to attend the puja in the evening. Danny informs his family that Kabir assumed that they were planning to get him married to Anushka. He fails to find her. Dugba rebukes Danny for breaking their trust. Sharma, is also involved in swapping the grocery. Dugba learns that Kabir had hidden Anushka’s project report, wpisode enquires him.