She was defined by what an amazingly strong, caring friend she was, and Joon Mo, Cindy, and Seung Chan all helped bring that out in her – even if it took some pride-bruising and heart-crushing along the way for us to see it. After 8 episodes I haven’t seen any reciprocation of his feelings towards her. It’s my favorite variety show. This one should be even better. Its how the character is written and the developed so poorly. Last week it felt like Cindy was the only one who felt the significance of any moments. I think what really bugs me about this show is that I guess I came in expecting I was getting an ensemble and it mostly turned into the KSH show.

And it can be concluded that her acting is successfully portray the selfish Cindy. I think I loved any beat that had to do with Cindy discovering friendship, really. November 15, at 7: Life gains meaning through living it—nothing means everything, but everything can mean something. Jun-moo became a producer not because it was his dream but because of his long-hidden love for Yejin. Yes, the show is realistic in its ideas of using idols as making money machines, and yes, there’s no question that that isolation leads to low self-esteem, loss of one’s identity, loneliness and numerous other issues, but when they added that both her parents also died, well that’s just dangerously getting into makjang territory and unnecessarily sensationalizing an already compelling topic.

Meta [Happily never after] Maybe Cha Tae-hyun – Jun Ji-hyun reunion! Nothing special characters or story line that gave deep impressions. I suspect it’s because they didn’t get the loveline vrama wanted fulfilled.

He’s not giving up YJ that easily. He isn’t someone I have warmed up to in 8 eps, so its great that the drama keeps its attention of its better characters. There was something so different and captivating about it right from the producwr and realistic portrayal of work life right to the development of most of the leads.


Anybody krean think that Hong-Soon was describing Seo-jin when he was talking about koveline guy he wanted to set Ye-Jin up with? Oh, and I so adored all the parts that you mentioned and I love that we’re getting a glimpse of the real Cindy- parts that even Seung-chan hasn’t seen seriously, she comments so much and so seriously that she’s now the administrator provucer her own anti-fan cafe? I’ve total sympathy for the orphan girl who has no one in her corner.

I love her to death. I suspect there’s other foreshadowing littered throughout the past episodes, like the difference in the way Seungchan’s mum interact with Yejin and Cindy at the recycling bins You’re one to talk about “mature debates”. I think kordan drama will end with Cindy being more earnest with herself, be more friendly and authentic in her feelings and relationships. KDnewfan June 21, at And hopefully, re-collaborate with Jeon Jihyun this time around, please and thank you.

All-in-all it given that I not only liked the leads, but most of the supporting cast, I think it was good show.

[KBS Drama] THE PRODUCERS Official Thread {Ep.12 ENG SUBS FINALE}

I want to know why does Joo Jong won can get rid of the ghost that Tae Gong shil sees! I always imagined that people who liked Cindy from the start were IU fans because that character was bloody awful. I think I could only go this far with my guesses. IU did very well, I thought. The Producers was described as the first ever “variety drama,” not only because of its subject but because it was produced by KBS’s variety department instead of the drama department.


I thought IU was miscast for the role at the beginning, but she totally delivers the emotional scenes.

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That’s just too immature of a conversation to be had. That would really suck. I call that too many cooks in the kitchen. I caught that too, and I’m not even surprised SC doesn’t see himself doing it. lovelinr

The smart, has a i-am-busy-and-tired looks, clumsy, but is kind hearted is also successfully illustrated by Cha Tae Hyun. They had so much potential, but I think their arc suffered from BSC puppy love. SC is not at all cowardly and definitely not a hypocrite.

Wow, what a cast! I find The Producers difficult to sum up with a single score or judgment, because it had the notable factor of changing its approach mid-show. I thought of her again, Moon Chae Won. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe Life gains meaning through living it—nothing means everything, but everything can mean something. BSC is now in the same position that JM is, having heard a confession and not knowing how to respond.