Good Will Hunting Trailer Cu: King of the Monsters X-Men: Vanilla Sky Trailer Cu: The problem with the film is that it tries too hard with its concept, and it never becomes fully fleshed out. The film isn’t awful, but it’s one that is fairly mediocre and never reaches its full potential. Jodie Foster , Anthony Hopkins. Laurel Whitsett as School Aide.

Michael Douglas , Sharon Stone. Orphan Trailer Cu: Full List of Academy Awards Winners. Ellen Burstyn , Jared Leto. Pirates of the Caribbean: How many times can the nightmare that is Sandra Bullock keep recurring?

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Not just because it’s bad. The Silence on,ine the Lambs Trailer Cu: Premonition really could have been a standout feature, but it just lacks anything remarkable to get you involved in the film.

We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. I think it’s a shame that Premonition couldn’t deliver on its premise, as this film really would have been something special if the kinks in the script could have been worked on, and premonituon rough edges would have been polished. Apr 25, Rating: Don’t have an account?


The Fugitive Cu: Linda’s premonition sets off a series of puzzling events as she tries to grasp the situation and stop the accident from happening. Largely ridiculous but terribly serious.


Filme cu psihiatri

How To Train Your Dragon: Marcus Lyle Brown as Bob. Jason Douglas as Emergency Room Doctor.

Shakespeare in Love Trailer Cu: This feeble attempt at a mind-bending thriller has a vaguely interesting premise, but its potential is soon lost thanks to dreary execution.

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Full List of Academy Awards Winners. Movie Info When Linda Hanson is told that her husband Jim has been killed in a car crash, she is shocked to find him alive and well the next day.

Because at the very end, it’s very obvious that there wasn’t any point to anything. No Reservations Trailer Cu: Marc Macaulay as Sheriff Reilly. Bruce WillisMadeleine Stowe. The Sopranos Cu: Overdosing on flashbacks, and more portentous than profound, the overly obtuse Premonition weakly subtittrat such twisty classics as MementoThe Sixth Senseand Groundhog Day. Mel GibsonHelen Hunt.


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Don’t go into this one expecting a great film, you won’t find it. Gross, weirdly staged, and annoyingly boring. Julia StilesLiev Schreiber.

Like a lot of mediocre movies it’s not about much more than the immediate emotional response it’s trying to generate. The Departed Trailer Cu: Mark Famiglietti as Doug Caruthers.

The filmmakers realize this and make an effort to shoe horn some themes in Haley Joel OsmentBruce Willis. The Mentalist Trailer Cu: Cold Pursuit Der kleine Drache Kokosnuss Aug 25, Rating: Premonition wastes a good cast of talented actors on an underdeveloped script, and this is a film that is quite forgettable. PG for some violent content, disturbing images, thematic material and brief language.

Richard GereEdward Norton. Vantage Point Aims For 1 Debut. Nia Long as Annie.