But Amor is no longer there, having rushed to the mines out of concern for her father after learning of the protests. Amor commutes to Manila, where she studies Nursing. Eduardo loves the food and tells him to introduce the cook to him so that he may marry her, assuming the cook is a woman. Eduardo sees her ID. Amor asks for forgiveness from her father. She does not want to be seen by him wearing something she deems inappropriate. By RayAmbler7 Started September 18, I thought of myself.

She learns from her friend Betty Mae that her whole family died from the tragedy and that her daughter Maria Amor was seen dead with her Nanay Chayong. Bad for my diet. Because it’s never too early to plan Thursday night Once inside the elevator, she closes the door but had to pick up her visitor’s pass which fell on the floor. As part of the catering, Amor happily prepares the food for the guests and watches Eduardo from outside the hall. During the meal, Diego Buenavista recalls having tasted that particular kind of cooking. Amor’s family finds a place to live in nearer the mines.

It’s the episodee a crab makes when it epixode. The community blames the mining activities of the Buenavistas for the landslide that killed hundreds of people. Amor looks at Eduardo’s picture with a frown on her face. The Law Of the Downtrodden [ Claudia complains to her mother of her winning only 1st runner up.

That night, Claudia, who competes at local beauty pageants, attempts to answer the most common beauty pageant question – love, knowledge, or money. That of her studying well, and finding work so she would be able to bring him on a world tour.

Psngako opening is a scene of a Amor and Eduardo together in a stream, confessing their love for each other. Eduardo asks her if she works there. Amor’s father fears losing his job, and tells Amor that it is often she who answers to the needs of his family Amor’s stepmother and step-siblings. Eduardo calls for Maintenance through the intercom. Amor while taking care of an old woman in Hong Langako learns that there has been a tragedy in Talimpao where her family resides. Claudia steps out wearing a gold dress.


Amor crumples to the ground in tears and swears vengeance.

Not knowing that Eduardo is dreaming the exact same thing. Eduardo marries Claudia for political reasons and Amor leaves with Eduardo’s child in her womb. Eduardo races after the snatcher, but is only stunned with horror when the latter points him a knife, before running away.


panga,o Bad for my diet. Pinky on the 6th floor. And then during the weekends, I would have my children and husband taste different kinds of dishes. Share this post Link to epislde Share on other sites. Eduardo tries to hold Amor’s hand. She struggles to escape as Diego tries raping her, while Claudia stares from the distance in horrified silence. She is actually making a specialty dish, literally food cooked in clay pot.

TV Premiere Dates

I want to be a chef. Amor cannot believe Eduardo has said that he’ll marry her, and that Betty Mae forgot to mention Amor’s name when even Diego knows her, too. Just as Angelo is about to lose hope, a stranger comes to his rescue. Hello itsonlykat you can watch the episodes on TFCtv. Pangako Sa’yo The show starts with the love story of Amor and Eduardo, whose mother is against the relationship pangaki Amor is a maid.

At the Buena Mines building, Amor and Eduardo sees each other.

PANGAKO SA’YO (THE PROMISE) – – Subtitled KathNiel

He confesses to Amor that he has not told his plans to anyone besides her, hinting that she’s special to him. That she is his world.

Eduardo kisses Amor there and then. She arrives at the Buena Mines office building, signs in at the reception desk, eny explains to the receptionist that she bumped into this “irritating” girl.


She tries to force the elevator door to open with pangaki fingers. Her father starts to sing a well known Filipino folk song for children.

Does anyone know where I can get the HD video? Eduardo realizes pangsko he is giving up and rushes to Amor’s house, but Amor and her family is long gone.

Amor explains that her father work as a miner for Buena Mines and that she also has a scholarship through them. Posted June 16, Because it’s never too early to plan Thursday pangaako He tells Eduardo that there will be a little gathering by the people of Libao.

She tells Betty Mae that she hopes Eduardo enjoys the food so much, he’ll ask who the cook is.

Two years after the downfall of the Buenvistas, Abgelo, who now calls himself Gelo, slowly rebuilds his life by working for Greggy’s bakery in Manila.

But she finally admits to herself that she did hope for something. Diego answers if Governor Zalameda would even be picky, since Claudia is not legitimate. Eduardo corrects her with “Good Afternoon.

My News Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now. That night, Betty Mae cries when Amor insists she retells what Eduardo has said earlier that day, even though she has already done so 16 times.

He hears singing coming from the back of the house, and goes towards the sound, only to find Amor making clay pots.