Tree Trunks lives in a little home in the forest surrounded by her apple orchard. Each one of Grob Gob Glob Grod’s heads has a distinct name and personality, and one in particular, Glob, is known and worshipped as a god in Ooo. The Earl of Lemongrab voiced by Justin Roiland [40] , more commonly called Lemongrab, is the first being Princess Bubblegum ever created and lives in a realm also called Lemongrab. As time wore on, however, he lost hope in fighting and developed a more pacifist outlook into solving the woes of the world; despite this, Finn is able to restore his hope once again in the episode “His Hero”. Ice King plots to form a perfect circle of confidantes. But Gumbald desired power and wished to profit off Ooo, deciding to get rid of Bubblegum by turning her into an asinine candy being with dumdum juice which he used on his co-conspirators Lolly and Chicle in an act of betrayal. Inspired by the in-jokes in episodes of The Simpsons , Ward has acknowledged that he wanted to “make a game out of every episode of Adventure Time, where you could freeze-frame and find things in the background”, such as the snail. This video has been licensed to ShareTV for distribution purposes.

To reveal who voiced what character, one must click on the various characters under “Guest Stars” to reveal their voice actor or actress. A charismatic stranger in Finn’s dream leads Cosmic Owl to shirk his duties. A vision leads Finn to a friendly civilization and a mysterious crash site. Retrieved January 16, This page was last edited on 20 February , at King of Ooo voiced by Andy Daly is a charlatan who styles himself as the “One True” ruler of the lands. Unless the Lich beats them to it!

However to her and Finn’s surprise, they have both fallen in love with each other, but Huntress Wizard states that they are “exceptional beasts” and therefore incapable of being together, which Finn concurs.


For the longest time Finn had a crush on Bubblegum, and although she cares for him a great deal, she did not return his itme for him. Marceline the Vampire Queen voiced by Olivia Olson[1] Ava Acres when younger, [30] Cloris Leachman when older [31] is a half-human and half-demon vampire, and the eponymous Vampire Adevnture, after having killed the previous Vampire King, as seen in Stakes.

After a walrus race accident, Gunther starts to experience strange visions.

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Soon after, Princess Bubblegum manages to graft Lemongrab back together with what remained of his clone brother and tim lemon subjects caught in the explosion. Retrieved October 16, He was created alongside Aunt Lolly voiced by Maria Bamford and Cousin Chicle voiced by Tom Kenny by Bubblegum in her attempt to have a familial bond outside her brother.

Betty from destroying Ice King’s mind. She forgives Finn for what he did to her, allows him to visit any time, but declines his offer to rekindle their romantic relationship.

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Finn, Jake, and Orgalorg converge with the comet and meet their destiny. Verify your username and email to complete your Registration.

Fed up with Jake’s antics, his son Kim Kil Whan takes action. Retrieved February 17, A charismatic stranger in Finn’s dream leads Cosmic Owl to shirk his duties. Ti,e, having completely rotted Billy’s remains off, the Lich is subjected to the regenerative properties of the Tume Guardian and is transformed into a harmless giant baby.

Finn and Jake discover that Clone James has been faking his own death to collect medals. Now there are 25 Jameses running amok!

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Retrieved January 16, As time wore on, however, he lost hope in fighting and developed a more pacifist outlook into solving the woes of the world; despite this, Finn is able to restore his hope once again in odgalorg episode “His Hero”.


Retrieved August 13, Retrieved August 20, She demands that he help her summon the Spirit Dream Warrior, possibly to amend a previous relationship.

Hunson Abadeer voiced by Martin Olson [80] is the father of Marceline and the “completely evil” lord of the Nightosphere. Retrieved March 3, Pim voiced by Lauren Lapkus [88] [72] is a recurring antagonist and the Ice Elemental.

She first appears in “Wizard Battle” as one of the many wizards competing in the tournament. Prismo voiced by Kumail Nanjiani [31] is a two-dimensional wish-granting entity.

In the show both the pronoun “he” and the term “m’lady” have been used in reference to Onllne. Archived from the original on March 26, Register using a connected account. Enter the text in the image shown if you are human. When the umlaut was dropped, Kenny switched to a different name.

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Try to whitelist our email address noreply sharetv. After GOLB swallows Finn, Betty, and the Ice King, he “digests” them, stripping them down to their basic forms, reverting the latter two to their original human states. Bubblegum caught on and transformed Gumbald into a stupid punch bowl person, convincing her to create candy citizens with low intelligence.

Gunter vocal effects provided by Tom Kenny [] is the name of the penguin that most commonly accompanies the Ice King, despite occasionally attempting to do harm to him.

After a chilling dream encounter, Finn and Jake are determined to reconnect with their reclusive brother.