But I go to clubs to entertain myself. Posted by keayo on Sep 11, in Naija. When your parents call you and get your voicemail, but leave a message as if it were an answering machine. Nkem is from Udi village while Patience is from Nkwo village. He is one of the most popular and accomplished people in Nollywood due to his comical personality. In the course of his studies, he began acting and landed several roles in both TV series and screen productions.

She sees a nice dress. There are facts that you probably did not know about him. Making you kneel down with both hands raised as punishment. If you don’t own a VCD player, try to play it on your laptop. Nigerian movies may not work on your DVD player. Owoh was also banned for fronting unattainable demands.

Fyll Nigeria, the name Nkem means something that is dear and could be a reference to someone you love. A ransom of 15 million naira was placed on his head but his family only managed 1.

They have produced unforgettable classics such as Osuofia in London 1 and 2One Dollar, and The Master, to name a few.

Nkem Owoh Biography, Age, Family, Wife, Movies, Songs and Movie Video

I think its so funny how Nigerian people always fjll drinks like Coke, Fanta, and Sprite: Contact us contact stuffnigerianpeoplelike. Posted by keayo on Sep 11, in Naija. Nkem Owoh disappeared from the public limelight for a while in December By then, Nollywood was still in its formative years.

Owoh was released after his family members allegedly paid a ransom fee of 1. The actor fits naturally into most of his roles as he never struggles to find words in any situation. This the kin movie wer i fit act for, if peson go collect naira pass, i fit come chop my own dolla!


That left hand situation is so true, but yet the worst experience in the world especially if you’re actually left handed like me! Moviee Owoh is a Nigerian actor and comedian.

Nkem Owoh Biography, Age, Wife, Children, Family, Facts, Is He Dead?

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. However, most people know very little about Nkem Owoh apart from his acting prowess. Well, it should have gone better than it is going. Even when acting in a closed role, he manages to tickle the audience through witty utterances and reactions which leave movie goers in stitches.

Nigerians love letting others know their titles and letters after their name. She prefers to stay away from the public eye hence, not much is known about her apart from her name. Some Nigerians have a permanent “stank face” look!!

Ghana Must Go [10]. I have refused it.

Another version emerged that he had been convicted somewhere in the Arabian desert for drug trafficking while others said that moive had been kidnapped and beheaded in Russia. Nkem had an elder sibling by the name: However, Nigerian anti-graft watchdog known as the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission banned the song following in the footsteps of Nigeria Broadcasting Commission.


Retrieved 19 May But it was a story my granny told me, when I was eight. It is almost impossible to discuss the Nigerian movie industry without mentioning Nkem Owoh.

Why I embraced comedy —Nkem Owoh

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Archived from the original on 19 Nnkem His biggest act so far is Osuofia in London which received worldwide acclaim in I also act in serious roles — tragedy, drama and all that. Using Maggi cubes and palm oil. I had to write the story and bring it out, just like a folktale.

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In the course of his studies, he began acting and landed several roles in both TV series and screen productions. It’s actually the ending to the movie. Nkem Owoh is a Nigerian actor and comedian. Nkem Owoh is also a recording artist. In November Owoh was kidnapped in eastern Nigeria. If you don’t own a VCD player, try to play it on your laptop. As Nollywood picked pace, he landed a supporting role in both Ukwa 1 and 2 in alongside other big names such as Sam Loco nkm Patience Ozokwor.

He recorded and performed I Go Chop Your Dollara song that speaks about scamming people in the name of an advance fee charged in various industries.