Steve Share Share this post on Digg Del. Mark Share Share this post on Digg Del. Offered in Black or Stainless colors. I realize though that I might have to suck that one up to get anything good. Order according to your make and model below when you click the Buy Now button. Add Thread to del.

Ive done the trigger job, bedding, different gas bushings, scope, muzzle brake, and buffer to my Mini 14 and it will now shoot factory match ammo consistently under 2 inches at yards from the bench. The new sight provides: Last edited by brian; at The is the Ranch Rifle. Originally Posted by ranger I’m thinking back to the drawing board, but I cleared it, pulled the 4 round Ruger mag, put in another Ruger mag and no problem. You can read my older posts if you like Three different size inserts available:

Protection from the harmful battering encountered when the operating rod whacks the front of the receiver. Tired of hitting the fellow 3 shooting benches down in the head and him throwing the brass back at you? Compare size to Factory Guide spring illustration A. Pictured above In Satin Stainless Steel. Do you realize your magazine comes out?

Mini-14 582 muzzlebreaks

The mag is a legal detachable one. I am getting ready to send out my trigger this week for work. More power to strip off the next round on brxke stiff magazine followers. She’s blind where the judge sits but she’s not blind out here.


Built in Sling swivel mmini. I didn’t think the buffer would affect the barrel. The is the Ranch Rifle. It was an online purchase. Then any muzzle device for a AR will fit and can be changed out if you don’t like it. No comp or bayonette lug either. Size is 1″ Diameter x 2.

Well I pulled the rubber brrake at the receiver, reassembled, and NO more problems with jams. Find More Posts by amoebicmagician. Havre de Grace Posts: User Name Remember Me?

I say it depends on how you’re shooting your Mini. Warning All Brakes Should be Installed by a competent gunsmith!! Will the barrel strut tighten your groups up? I have a new Mini Ranch Rifle series that I would like to put a flash suppressor on.

I dont reload but used all brands of grain loads I could find Members List Social Groups Calendar. I have mounted this nice piece and the result is very very good. But when adjusting sites every 3 rounds at 25yds I had to raise rear site as far as it would bra,e even with the top of the sides. Other designs like Buffer tech fit poorly and require fitting.

You currently have 0 posts. If you need to have a gunsmith install it, why not just have them thread the barrel and move the front sight back? Steve Share Share this post on Digg Del. I thought I read that the Choate flash hider needs to have a hole drilled in the barrel for the roll pin.


Inserts are hooded and flanged to shade the aperture opening for a precise undistorted sight picture.

Mini muzzlebreaks – Ruger Forum

Sleek non bulky look. Order Number is for thru serial number prefixes and Tapered barrels made in late I finally put some rounds through it a few days ago Will an accustrut help on the new minis?

Find More Posts by dontpanic. If you plan to mount a scope, you could just knock off the front sight yourself and thread the barrel yourself 144 tools from CNC warrior- the Ranch rifles now come with integral scope mounts. Will not fit new Post, and series, If your serial number starts with these braks three digits it brakd not fit. Leave the other buffer in and the bolt should stay open on the last shot. The most important thing is that the bore is true Straight to the exit port hole in the brake and that the exit hole is larger than the bullet size.

Did I need a barrel strut to do this? It is a machine shop with dangerous machines running.