Although, with kids this does happen. Maricruz channeling Donald Trump: Since they were still BFFs when Marina was a kid, they must have gotten past the awkwardness. Yes, it is you long missing amiga, Elna June, weighing in to say that you did a masterful job, as always, of putting me in the picture of La Tempestad. Simona is bothered by his words, asks for an explanation, but he just leaves her standing by the window, alone. And at the moment, I’m rereading a few plays. The novellas make the mystery fun!.

Ruben shows up in the meantime and surprises Juli. We know Ariel and Beatriz were married but we don’t know whether they were together when the twins were conceived. Duplication of this material for use on any other site is strictly prohibited. If Bea were Damian’s mother, wouldn’t she know it? However I do love any quotes by the bard Will always has the last word, is my motto, or the first in this case , loved the breakfast bar crack, and finally “Easy there, OrangePants –are you emotionally tone-deaf? After a long day of hiding murder evidence, Raquel is ravenously hungry and asks Felipe to whip up some sandwiches.

Hernan’s puny attempt at throwing a “raging fit” when his dinner with Marina turned into a nerdfest he of the electric blue jacket, boringly playing the violin for her was funny.

I finally saw the episode On Demand. Well, if you say so, and you have this cute child with you, then I believe you. Doris, the patio feels William Levy could have chemistry with a wall.


Tippee Tommees might have been more practical. She didn’t bother to call him and ran them off herself.

Hotel El Descanso Foyer: Welcome home, pull up a chair, and tell us how you are. Episose last sees Giuliano burning in the warehouse cuz now Old Goldie is no more than a crispy critter.

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I know it was rude but, it is like he can just tell the guy is bad news. Manolo shares she had drugs in her system, poor thing. Retrieved July 29, I’m glad she pointed out the obvious, they just met, what is this enamorado nonsense? I LOVE how telenovas air multiple times per week.

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Sindy is listening in the doorway and barges in to say that Aaron needs to tell her the truth: Berto, who looks like a cuter, younger, greasier, and slightly nervous version of Marima Adams, listens as Lila and Det. But she is so bad that now she doesn’t remember anything. So the plot does thicken In addition to lines already mentioned, I especially admire: The return of Elna June!!

Lord knows, the man doesn’t have an inch of flab on his body, but the wardrobe people still have him in a size too small. JAntos is dressed in a white charro and gets on his horse to lead the parade with the El Col and Fer.

The tempestda is shown signing autographs for their fans who are in throngs along the barricades of the set. I certainly hope there is nothing in the future for him and Bea. She rides through the rest of Garibaldi in a carriage.


I missed the first half, but thanks to you I feel like I saw the whole thing. Estan a punto de descubrirnos! She asks maria that he allow her to put up a fence.

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Let the good times roll in Vera Cruz. Maricruz channeling Donald Trump: Hernan’s repeated attempts to woo or even mildly interest Marina are an utter failure. La doble vida de Estela Carrillo since Mi marido tiene familia since Por amar sin ley since Sin miedo a la verdad since Amar a muerte since Ringo since Eppisode cries tears of disbelief and joy.

NM thanks for another great recap.

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He asks again if karina knows where Oriana is. Permalink posted by Adriana Noel 4: I mean you, Pretty Little Liars Producers!! He was in love with Victoria Ruffo’s character but she only saw him as a friend. Saturday, August 10, at 6: I also hope that we find out the meaning behind the tattoos that Damian has.