Aigo Media Episode 19 Guest: I saw the first 3 episodes, and Im guessing that they are doing their own show of others??? He is from a well-to-do family, is good-looking, tall, gentle, and honest. If you fail, you will be end up falling into the water. He used to be a famous stuntman, with his rugged good looks and fast reflexes. Aigo Media Episode 22 Guest: Here are random clips of SuJu at the press meeting.

He is a college student, majoring in computer science. Being a newcomer is not an excuse as you have to read all rules before posting Their friends will have to do a small mission i. But he suffers from a “good boy” complex. Season 2 Episode 16 Watch now Family Outing: They try to keep it a secret until they can get Ok-suk to like Seong-soo, but they get caught by a stupid mistake.

They are given 10 seconds for observation. The butlers and actress will be also staying in the same place but in different rooms. Cook King and then for the other half has a member’s diary with another member sb at the very end.

Double click one of the files and select “Extract to”. Browsing All Articles 75 Articles. Episode 1 part1 eng subs Episode 1 part2 eng subs Episode 1 part3 eng subs Epidose 1 part4 eng subs. Open HJSplit and select “Join”.


The clue “drive” probably means the pose is driving. When answering, you have to be kneeling on all five cushions.

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He is immature and irresponsible, and is full of talk. Sung Si Kyung http: Coming Soon Download LQ: She has a great body and a pretty face, but fakily just aren’t attracted to her for some reason.

It’s just famipy to see their reactions. Episode 24 Guest: The baby is Jung Yoo Geun, who is 4 years old. He cares excessively about his body and his possessions. There is a fervent mother who raised her three daughters on her own after her husband left her. Im Ha Ryong 60 After an unexpected bankruptcy, he leaves his wife Ok-suk and his three daughters for 15 years.

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The male fixed cast of the famliy will follow the rules of being a butler to the female actress that they are assigned to. Aigo Media Episode 22 Guest: She isn’t good at anything but hates to lose anyway. He is the type who wriggles out of hard work, but still gets what he wants. Aigo Media Episode 5 Guest: Ok-suk thinks the world of her.

Leave the worries behind and enjoy the trip on Kitchen Road! She aub even more wildly in front of him. It’s a get together basically.


Seo Kyung Suk Links: During cooking for dinner they will play game like who cut the vege the best and etc. She has a crush on Yeong-gwang, her younger sister’s friend but would rather die than to tell okting about her feelings.

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Aigo Media Episode 4 Guest: She’s from a poor family and has very strong survival instincts. Claim or contact us about this channel.

After the game, the losing team will be accordingly punished. Lee Kwang Gi Links: But Ji-won becomes a widow not long after getting married and Ok-suk is worried sick about this.

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Only the DBSK parts subbed i. Examples from episode 1: He is scared to drive after a serious accident and has Ba-ni drive him around. Jang Na Ra Link: They all wear Korean school uniform.