Lacuna ‘ I sought [and the Thus the royal inscriptions of am-Adad i have a more scattered provenance Aur, Nineveh, Mari, and Terqa and while some follow the established form of royal inscriptions e. Then the god ama will listen to his prayers. KI 62 a DKA. Commander in Chief, Navy orders that the necessary inquiries concerning the measures to be taken, be made immediately. London, Die Welt des Orients. Two planes are missing. The master text is from ex.

One tanker and one Italian torpedo boat were total losses and two steamers sustained damage from the air; railway ferry service has not yet been opened. This is being investigated. The languages are Sumerian and Akkadian, the latter usually in its Babylonian dialect but with varying admixtures of the Assyrian dialect in documents from the north, in the region around modern Mosul. Further instructions will be issued with regard to carrying out. But no other entry is given for the follow-ing exs. To all of these scholars I express my grateful appreciation. Saporetti, Onomastica Medio-assira, 2 vols. Meissner combined this inscription with A.

In an emergency, the Navy could withdraw a smoke-laying detachment from the Aasen Fjord, Chief, Naval Staff also agrees that the necessary steps be taken for a new assignment of Italian personnel for smoke-laying.

Because of the heavy sea, it was not possible to board the boat. During the night of 5 June an attack was carried out on war industries of Gorki. This text appears on a stone plaque found in the altar room of the Old Assyrian Istar temple at Aur. Battery “Korsnaes” participated for a short time in this engagement.

The name of the structure is missing but it must have been the shrine o f I s tar -kudn i t tu the reading o f the name is uncertain. Brinkman, University of Chicago, and Edmond Sollberger, British Museum, enthusiastically supported the idea and agreed to play substantial roles. This rare spelling appears only in one text of Ilu-summa and two texts of Erium i. It is said that in the course of a discussion about an offensive against the Balkan States, Stalin expressed the wish that the Dardanelles be opened by Turkey.


To express my deep gratitude to them let me paraphrase what I said in the Preface to my first book many years ago: All the planes were shot down by the fighter cover of the naval landing craft group. The discussions will be continued on 9 June. Ki 64 a-du-ra-ar-u-nu 65 -ku-un. The Swedish Naval Attache stated that the stereoscopic range-finding process is obsolete in Sweden, In Sweden firing is controlled solely by radar which, in respect to range as well as line of bearing, gives much better data than the stereoscopic process.

At the bottom of the reverse of the tablet, after A. Other results from computer searches, of a more specific nature, have been incorporated in the notes to individual texts and fragments. When fired at they laid dense smoke screens and returned the fire. The text has previously been included in a tentative way with the former’s inscriptions, as it is here, but it may well belong to Adad-nrrl i cf.

One submarine was sighted in Kislaya Bay and one off Motovski Bay. According to our air reconnaissance, there was a convoy consisting of 7 merchantmen with 11 escorts and 1 destroyer, miles west of Cape Ortegal j I on southerly course.

The sequence, according to which the fortifications were to be expanded, was established at the time on the principle that the submarine bases would be given preference. Only slight damage was sustained. Unfortunate ly the building section is missing.

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The flesh comes from the museums. Transport traffic to the islands proceeded without speeial incidents. Expfdition and decorative parts of buildings such as stone slabs and clay cones were engraved with texts describing mili-tary accomplishments and construction of the building, palace, or temple concerned.


This is a new torpedo against escort forces which will be put into use at the end of summer. To a certain ex-tent the series the Royal Inscriptions of Mesopotamia: Bureau of Naval Administration submits a leaflet dropped by British planes, the second part of which contains instructions for feigning sickness in order to evade duty, IV. Aerial reconnaissance sighted eight merchantmen near Bizerta and reported movements of small boats, PT boats and destroyers between Bizerta and Kelibia.

It is intended to carry out minelaying operation “Leuchtkaefer 11 -in the night of 7 June.


Bureau of Naval Armament is ordered to state similar demands for workers as Recruitment Division has done in respect to military personnel. Complete corpora of inscriptions are edited, not just selections. Further orders concerning recognition markings will follow. The Adad temple is the subject of two texts A.

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Naval reconnaissance in the Gulf of Gabes could not be carried out because of heavy defense, so that no data are available on the landing forces in this area. I renovated and restored it from top to bottom and settled the goddess Istar-kudnittuy my mistress, inside that temple. As the nation Assyria evolved politically and militarily details of battles and conquests began to ap-pear in the commemorative inscriptions.