That review had to be from someone associated with the film Mysterious Stalker presence implied throughout the first two acts. Always wearing the saintly summer dress with a white headband, she criss-crosses the seedy parts of town with an urgent need to rescue herself from dire poverty. View All Critic Reviews 1. Do you think that there’s a shortage of movies for adults these days? After reading all the comments I see no one hit the mark. It was a bit much for our younger kiddos.

Doonby leaves a lot of room for interpretation. However, any bad reviews are not warranted. It had some good music. For the other hour and a half you’re assaulted with bad acting, and even a guest appearance by the plaintiff in roe v wade. How do you keep count? SO glad I didn’t pay for it – and so glad I was organizing my drawers while watching it.

Her performance as a wild part Girl was sooo Amazing.

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Many of the actors did a somewhat reasonable job and the plot was coherent. So the entire story was not about the characters, but about mofie the film makers want the audience to learn — a clumsy, manipulative, and incoherent breaking the fourth wall. Basically a fantasy film about a man that never was because he was aborted.

Reaper, Doonby has a bad reaction and leaves the dinner party instantly. There is also a scene where she climbs the metal steps to a rickety motel. I really have a hard time understanding how this movie gets more than 1 star.

But spoilerr cinematography was excellent, the acting first-rate well, a few of the actors were a little amateurish but you’d expect that in a low budget filmand the script ingenious.

You got it, New York City. I just found her skills for timing her reactions to other actors left me wanting.

Please take the time to watch “Doonby” and share it with your family and friends, or people you think may need to see this movie. The direction was terrific and the actors brought quirks and life. No character was believable.


Like a bunch of right wing redneck country boys doobby frequent such a bar. God bless the crew, Great job! Am I the only sane person in this house? John Schneider has been one of my favorite actors since the 70’s and he continues to create products that are entertaining and powerful.

It made sense why the character, Laura, would go for somewhat of a father figure type. The characters were interesting. Start your free trial. This film was so far right wing ideology and it was not even historically accurate. But when Doonby exists, he is unable to shake the hand of Laura’s father — how can Doonby exist and at the same time hate Xpoiler father for aborting him?

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xoonby The moral of the story is that if Lucy Mae, the mother played by Erin Way, had not aborted her child, Sam would have lived and had a place in the world to do good. I don’t mind a movie with a message but this one was just not well done. It is one of the worst films ever.

Everything felt like middle schoolers had written a story and decided to put a show in over a holiday weekend spoiker so amateurish and clumsy. Interestingly enough, when things are good for Doonby in the film, maybe there’s a purpose to the use of color.

The ending had a powerful message that really made me think about the value of life and how every life is important. Yes, the plot is unique and the idea is great Jolyn Janis as Lisa. Aside from the heavy abortion stance that this movie slams you with at the end, really the whole thing was badly written with a hero who helps people, the whore who is bad, and the African-American nanny who let’s babies get run over by trucks?!?!

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My husband and I turned it off, after beginning to watch it with our kids, after about 20 minutes. The movie cuts to the past of the mkvie character on occasion. He only has testimony about subduing the man who almost raped his girlfriend. Full Cast and Crew. I assume these are nice folks who were involved in the making and distribution of this doonhy, and I really really hate to say bad things about good people.


He made me wish he was my neighbor. Moie Gotzon Chandler as Laura Reaper. His wife is eternally grateful. Now, if I can get back those 35 neurons that this terrible thing destroyed, I will be happy. I can’t say anything about the directing because everything else was so bad, I wouldn’t know where the director’s hand is in there. That part of the story showed the negative effects of behaviors like jealousy. Sam does not have a birth certificate or any proof of his existence.

But I am embarrassed for you! How important do you think it doonvy to leave room for interpretatin? Wonderful piece, very mindfully done. If you are looking for a movie that leaves you thinking and realizing you can make a difference in people’s lives; I recommend this film wholeheartedly. Nothing that happens in the movie is even known to any of the characters except Laura. Doonby leaves a lot of room for interpretation.

Not only is the magic hidden until the very end, but the world with Doonby and the world without Doonby seem to have been blended together without explanation. Small wonder I did not see that coming. I might watch it with a teenager depending on their maturity level but I wouldn’t have this playing with younger kids in the room. This movie is an anti-abortion fantasy piece. A mysterious something fellow comes to town and spoilr everyone from their various troubles.