Season 1, Episode 5 July 21, But she’s not happy about it and when Zoila asks her what’s going, Valentina tells her and Zoila tells her this is not his first time and to ask herself what is the right thing. Zoila tells her she can’t. Odessa says she’s needed but Alejandro tells her she doesn’t have to and that she can come as a guest which doesn’t make Odessa happy. Meanwhile, Evelyn reaches a new low while trying to move on from Adrian. La La Land 6.

And upon learning she just left, Rosie goes to see how the person she struck is. So Marisol tries to find her son’s partner so she can find out who he is. Peri hits someone with her car and leaves. Zoila learns that Genevieve is seeing her ex husband. And Rosie tries to help her boss deal with his wife’s attitude. Season 1, Episode 10 August 25,

Bad Girl Full Episode S 3: And now that Carmen and Sam are together they go out and Carmen introduces him as her guy.

She then tells Michael who goes Mr. So he decides to leave and go to Africa. Season 1, Episode 9 August 18, And Carmen thinks a producer is interested in her music. By clicking “Publish”, you are confirming that the image fully complies with TV. In the fourth-season premiere, lives are changed forever following the explosion at the Powell mansion. housemaiss

Marisol learns that the Stappords are trying to have a baby but are not having much luck. Marisol upon learning that her son knows the man who got Flora pregnant, she goes to see him but he says that she didn’t associate with the people he knew.


Who then tells Marisol that he had a little sideline and that’s how she met the other guy. Valentina, hoping to take her relationship with Remi to the next level, discovers he hooked up with onlime old girlfriend. But his father convinces him not to. So she asks Taylor about him. We will send a new password to your email.

So housemaida advises Taylor to go to a clinic and while there they housemaisd into someone who knows Olivia, Michael’s first wife and she tells Olivia.

But Alfred mentions it to Valentina and she considers it. But Peri tells Rosie she’s going to bring her son to her. OnlnieDramaMysteryActor: Sam comes back and asks Carmen to move in with him.

Zoila and Valentina face a serious decision about their future. Genevieve lies to her new boyfriend about her age, much to Zoila’s dismay. Whiplash Full Episode S 3: Because it’s never too early to plan Thursday night Awakenings Full Episode S 3: This onlihe does not store any files on its server.

And the lawyer representing Marisol’s son Eddie, tries to get him released because of the autopsy report. Spence’s drinking effects his job.

Devious Maids S01E01

For everybody, everywhere, everydevice, and everything. Spence comes back and tells Rosie he’s going ask Peri housmeaids a divorce and wants her to marry him.

Four Latina maids with ambition and dreams of their own work for the rich and famous in Beverly Hills. Meanwhile, Rosie vows to help Spence with his marriage; Marisol works a fund-raiser housemaisd the Powell house in order to uncover more information on Flora’s murder; and Alejandro allows Carmen to be a guest at the party he is hosting while Odessa works in her place. But Sam warns her that he might interested in things other fres her music.


Why you should watch the Oscars, True Detective and more! War and Grease Full Episode S 4: Betrayal Full Episode S 2: And when she tells her mother, Zoila tells her not to do it.

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Season 1, Episode 11 September 8, While she’s out with Rosie, they run into someone who knows Marisol. Season 1, Episode 6 July 28, And when he says he’s happy as he is, she tells him he’s wasting his life. Anatomy of a Murder Full Episode S 3: When Genevieve’s brother arrives, Valentina learns that he and her mother have history.

Rosie seeks Genevieve’s help with her investigation of Peri’s murder, but things grow increasingly dangerous. Later me Adrian propositions Rosie she tells Spence and is so indifferent that she calls him a wuss and he goes confront Adrian. He then realizes something but chooses not to tell his mother only the lawyer.

Meanwhile, Adrian has news that brings Evelyn closer to divorce. And she calls him a wuss.

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He asks Valentina to go with him and she considers it. Alejandro makes Carmen a proposal which she considers which doesn’t make Sam and Odessa happy. Season 1, Episode 1 June 23, So she asks Rosie to find out who.