Seth Rollins mangles John Cena’s nose.. Jake Roberts makes WCW debut.. DT reveals how he prefers to die.. Bayley and Scott Dawson injury updates.. Sports, Fantasy Baseball, news, politics, pop culture, personal stories and more. In eight all-new episodes, the daring Gates and more…. Get ready to say goodbye to Eureka. Defending female fan who gave John Cena the middle finger..

WWE finally name drops Bobby Hennan.. For years, so many of you have asked me to do a non-wrestling podcast. Ric Flair health update.. So this is a whole new concept for me. But if you are like me and concerned with this current climate of hatred we are seeing across the globe, give this a listen. Daniel Bryan returns to WWE.. Available to Stream Watch on. Barclays Center spoils Summerslam Main Event?..

Jimmys Seafood disses GFW. DT reveals how he prefers to die.

If you are in tune with news and events in the real world, then feel free to give this a try. Discussion on Headaches lead to sincere advice for Pet Owners. ROH crowns first ever champion. Paddy Wagon is apparently a slur. Would DT forgive a criminal who hurt his family?.

Hanging Coffins; Kazakh Monster

Satchel is the world’s first podcast player that allows you to discover both locally sourced and locally focused podcasts right in your home town. Available to Episodee Watch on. Don Tony predicts when WWE could make content more adult oriented. Astros need Justin Verlander. DTKC address Ryback’s remarks. But it exposes an underlying problem within WWE.


So here we go! Listen Local and download the player at SatchelPlayer. Jason Jordan IC Match on hold?. Fans need not worry about Sasha Banks. Kenny Omega and Lance Storm exchange twitter barbs. And as always, I welcome your feedback, ideas, and suggestions for the show. Passing of Brian Adams and Lance Cade. Did Pete Rose really sleep with a minor?.

DT reveals his New Years Resolution.

Vince McMahon rises from the dead. Get ready to say goodbye to Eureka. For years, so many of you have asked me to do a non-wrestling podcast.

“Destination Truth” Ghosts of Cannibal Village/Kapre (TV Episode ) – IMDb

So this is a whole new concept for me. More designs will be added shortly. DT’s unlucky day with batteries. This Week In Wrestling History: Ghost Hunters is going live again tonight for their sixth annual, six-hour Halloween special and it…. But I also offer how you and Epixode can be part of the solution and not the problem. Destination Truth Season 3 World traveler and intrepid explorer Josh Gates returns to host tvtfaxx quests in Season 3 of “Destination Truth” – each an off-the-map adventure in s more….

Additional never before heard details of ‘The Gebhardt Incident’. Curt Hawkins hits milestone.

Ghost Hunters International will kick off Syfy’s winter schedule, followed by the Friday debut of Me…. Sign up and add shows to get the epidode updates about your favorite shows – Start Now. In one of the world’s most spectacular ruins, the team dares to come face to face with the ghosts of sacrificial victims. DT launches new non-wrestling podcast.


Ghosts of Cannibal Village/Kapre

Touching story involving Police Officer donating kidney to stranger. I try to understand and offer my thoughts as to why there is so much dissention in tvvtraxx world, especially amongst Millennials.

Remains of Natalie Halloway possibly found. Will Agents of S. As far as airdates, we’ll start off with 2 episodes per week Tuesdays and Saturdaysand add additional days as the show progresses. Tonight’s TV Hot List: And episodes will be approximately 60 minutes. Rare Solar Eclipse coming Monday.

Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show

destjnation Two Years To Live Facebook: Jake Roberts makes WCW debut. Chris Brown’s latest dopey and divisive remarks Trump. Add to Watchlist Added. Destination Truth 5 Seasons TV-PG An investigative series probing unexplained phenomena and strange-creature sightings from around the world.

Afterthoughts of Mayweather vs McGregor. Seth Rollins helping victims of Harvey.