Of course, the well-written script was just as important for the hilarity. Cartoon Network Cartoon Characters: Chowder has to make a delivery to an old haunted house across the street. Unfortunately for him, trying to do so only gets him kissed, at which point Gazpacho tells him that he must marry Panini and needs to make an “honest woman” out of her. Each minute episode consists of two cartoons. I’ve been really upset lately because I really enjoyed Recess as a kid, but it isn’t on Netflix or Hulu and doesn’t have any DVD releases outside of the movie and a few of the episodes.

Can the Oscars Avoid a Hostless Disaster? Upset by Panini’s kisses and Gorgonzola’s taunts, Chowder has to figure out a way to escape the game and get back to the kitchen. Greenblatt , Clayton Morrow. Chowder Television Series Title Card. It’s a cute show. Seeing that Mung is depressed by this, Chowder decides to use advice from Gazpacho to help out. Chowder takes Kimchi to his family’s home in the swamp for an arranged marriage and worries about the future of their friendship after Chowder is accused by Porridge of kidnapping Kimchi from his family. In the final episode, Mung tells Chowder that one day, he’ll have to grow up and run the kitchen on his own once he becomes old enough.

Edit Cast Episode complete credited cast: In Marzipan City, where Snail Cars crowd the streets and most things run on a complicated pulley system, they’re cooking up some odd treats at Mung Daal’s Catering Company.

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Can the Oscars Avoid a Hostless Disaster? Retrieved 4 March A chicken ghost named Florentine takes over Chowder’s body, causing problems for the gang. crream

A little weird,but cute. Greenblatt and William Reiss. Lavenderpaw Essense Of Love. But it’s not on! Either she makes friends with them or she never gets out.

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Seeing that Mung is depressed by this, Chowder decides to use advice from Gazpacho to help out. Chowder, Mung, and Shnitzel accidentally lock themselves in the bathroom when they are about to go on a vacation. However, when this plan rceam and Chowder becomes tired of the treat, the Thrice Cream Man goes into a deep rage. After Chowder eats a group of hot peppers in order to keep them from escaping the kitchen and burn down the city, he begins to breathe fire whenever he opens his mouth, whether he wants to or not.


Shnitzel thrcie to deposit a paycheck at the bank, but Chowder along with some other people prevent him from doing so. As Mung’s apprentice, it’s his job to shave mushrooms off the back of trolls, prepare orders of singing beans, and help put together a fruit that comes as a piece puzzle.

Convincing Chowder that he’s dead, they both attempt to get his “spirit” to pass on to the other side. This is a list of episodes from the animated series Chowdercreated by C.

Fed up with Mung and everyone criticizing him for his screw-ups, Chowder paints his own world after discovering a blank-canvas episoode behind his bedroom. I’ll post what I thought of the episode when I see it later. After becoming soft and weak, Shnitzel must train to regain his strength and lift the heaviest object in Marzipan City: Greenblatt, William Reiss, and Clay Morrow. Read The Full Synopsis Archived from the original on July 17, Chowder, Thruce, Shnitzel, and several recurring and minor characters enter a contest to win a big mixer.

Chowder goes against Mung’s wishes and stands up for his pet’s right to happiness. Mung takes Chowder and Shnitzel to go fishing, but end up on a cruise ship falsely owned by Reuben.

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But Chowder takes it upon himself to finish the process with wildly musical results. Who did the no animation joke better Gumball or Chowder. Upon seeing this, he recruits Panini and Gorgonzola to help him make Knish Kringle like Mung’s house. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Usually kid shows like this don’t yhrice me laugh that much, but Chowder is the definite exception to this for me.

Chowder does not want to grow up and sings a song explaining why, but he kept the song going for twenty years and grows up naturally. The gang must now find a way stop Truffles from noticing the missing money–as soon as they receive enough money to continue animating the show, anyway.


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Mung, Shnitzel, and Chowder agree to help deliver a bunch of explosive and dangerous Blast Raz to Mr. Chowder worries that he will thricw receive the gift he wants on Knishmas, when he sees Mung attempt to make a perfect Schmingerbread house and fail several times.

Against Mung’s wishes, Chowder secretly starts his own catering company for a bunch of trash-dwelling vermins.

I can’t believe there’s no talkback for this show. Not the right episode Endive feels guilty after playing a trick on Mung.

Shnitzel crdam of his adult responsibilities and decides to act like a child, much to Mung’s chagrin. Elsewhere, Truffles goes on a diet and forces everyone else to share it. In the end, Reuben calls the rats, but Chowder leads them in a rebellion. Greenblatt and aired on Cartoon Network. Star Wars is the subject of endless discussion, but I don’t think I’ve seen anyone comment on the fact that Yoda and Jar Jar are polar opposites of one another.

Forcing Shnitzel’s responsibilities on Chowder, Chowder then decides to act like a baby and Shnitzel follows suit, forcing Mung to send them to the baby pound only to be trapped by the Warden, Frau Broten. Truffles shows how ‘junk in the trunk’ can be so wrong. With Mung too sad chowdef even cook anymore, Chowder must take action to bring the two lovebirds back together. Mahjongg Night – Chowder learns that messing with Truffles’ game night means certain doom.

Chowcer voice Jeff Bennett Mung accidentally ruins his tongue which makes him unable to taste things, so he asks Chowder to be his “taste buds”.