We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read. The preoccupation with getting special effects to coincide with reality. Have you ever wondered what would happen if our world was caught in the middle of war between characters from classic video games and the stars of Aaa titles like Assassin’s Creed and Halo? Your first priority should always be story not effects. It establishes the film as a classic ‘hero’s journey’ coming-of-age story, but as with most Rocket Jump productions, the visual effects shine the brightest. Take a look at what’s good and bad so far. Week of Wicked Halloween s0osleepie 7 Comments. The show features an impressive roster of talent.

He notes that the world. Please visit the source responsible for the item in question to report any concerns you may have regarding content or accuracy. Video Game Olympics will be split into two parts. After all the hype, we now have a chance to see what the completed product will look like. New School throws live-action characters like Lara Croft and Master Chief into a battle with animated characters from the arcade games of our past. But Wong didn’t debut “Vghs” in a movie theater, nor on YouTube, where he and partner Brandon Laatsch pictured below operate a channel, Freddiew, that has more than 3.

Still, a lot of trouble could have been saved if Laatsch had done that in the first place. A PG Mortal Kombatfor instance, can still be fun but it’s doomed by default to miss the point of the games.

Minecraft Movie ‘The Birth of Man’ Nixed by Notch – IGN

For those of you who are not fans of Freddie Wong you can revel in the part of this video where he gets diced into a million fine pieces. But the collaborators were not always the picture of Internet stardom: I can think of more worthwhile brandin of 3D printing, though I’m glad Wong and Laatsch aren’t using their fictional device to open disseminate firearms. Mojang and Laatsch have laatscch otherwise silent on the situation, although Persson’s Tweet seems to indicate that there’s at least the possibility of an agreement being reached in the future.


Described as a “series about best friends, first loves, and landing that perfect Freddie Wong and Brandon Laatschthe brains behind the FreddieW channel and its Video Game High School web series, recently released a detailed infographic detailing the myriad costs of a large scale video project.

Brandon Laatsch is behind Birth Movid Fan, a feature-length fan film adaptation of the hugely popular Minecraft video game.

Liana Kerzner 6 Comments. The effects-laden short film Old School vs. Minecravt Laatsch is one of them and he intends to make it. Video Game Olympics will be split into two parts. The feature mocks the morning routine scene from the Christian Balewhich was already a mockery in itself.

The second quarter minwcraft a game of “Pass It On”, where the contestants must act out a given phrase charades-style.

Several of YouTube’s most prominent Asian-American stars are getting their game on.

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Starting Laatsxh 25, it’ll be on all over the Internet, from Espn. The channel will offer gaming-themed original series from the likes of Wong and Laatsch, who operate the hugely popular FreddieW channel, as well as Toby Turner and Ethan Newberry. The money will be used to fund the second season of the show, which began production last week. Shoot with multiple cameras.

First, Freddie Wong and Brandon Laatsch secured a sponsorship deal with Dodge Dart, and they followed that up by securing more funds through a record-breaking Kickstarter campaign. The most striking feature of the trailer is the number of visible game modes. Most notably, Epic Meal Time has partnered with several companies in the past; its netflix.

In the episode itself, one of the three featured videos is Tay Zonday ‘s ‘Chocolate Rain’, which seems like an ordinary choice aside from the fact that Tay himself is one of the featured YouTubers. Video Game High School Stars: A third-party film based in the world of Minecraft has been cancelled for failing to make a licensing deal with IP holder Mojang.


I minectaft realized how much Altair was into parkour. Filmmaker Brandon Laatsch is raising funds to produce a Minecraft movie that he hopes will impress fans and stay true to its roots.

Minecraft Movie ‘The Birth of Man’ Nixed by Notch

Please visit the source responsible for the item in question to report any concerns you may have regarding content or accuracy. After all the hype, we now have a chance to see what the completed product will look like. While we’ve reached out to the project for a comment, it’d be fair to say, based on recent Tweetsthat Minecraft ‘s makers didn’t tale too kindly to the film going forward without permission.

That said, it’s very much possible that Minecraft ‘s popularity might be enough on its own to help the campaign reach its goal. The answer to that headache of a question is Metal Gear Sunrise, the newest freddiew video, where channel co-creator Brandon Laatsch has mashed up the upcoming Metal Gear Rising video game with American Psycho.

A near future where traditional news programming is interrupted by frag alerts and gamerscore updates and where tandem hover-bikes and floating footballs are the norm.

Start your day off with a ninja merc starting his day.