We don’t need to waste money on a blender. Meanwhile, Cameron asks the new girl, Jeanne at school to be his date for the dance. Meanwhile, Lexi gets a job at Hippo’s new restaurant, and trying to make Lexi miserable at her job, Olive and Fletcher change the theme of the restaurant to make her life a wreck, but it backfires every time. Cameron convinces Olive that her locker is haunted, causing her to move into Chyna’s. Gibson is depressed about his grandma moving out, so Chyna and Fletcher try to cheer him up. Chyna is excited about their relationship, while Angus is jealous. We’ll see about that.

This club is awesome! After finding out that Cameron just signed up to Wolf Pack , they try to compete over whose friend request he should accept first in order to obtain more friends. Meanwhile, Olive and Paisley team up for an psychology experiment to place a weak person in the position of authority, so they have Cameron as their subject and make him believe he is the hall monitor, but he drives Olive crazy. Chyna gets an idea since Olive painted her wall green, she will use it as a green screen. Things take an unexpected turn when Vanessa gets jealous because she believes every girl cannot keep their eyes off Cameron, so she ends up breaking up with him. When Principal Skidmore makes drastic cuts to the school’s budget and has to release Gibson from the staff, Chyna, Olive and Fletcher host a “Save Gibson” web-a-thon to raise money to cover his salary. We have lots of crazy, fun events.

Meanwhile, Angus tries to help Fletcher in an attempt to get Chyna to date him by dating Kennedy. Chyna, Olive and Fletcher meet Zanko, Fletcher’s favorite artist. Later on, it is revealed that Darlene has been sabotaging Trifecta because Syerra and Laurin fired her for being way too aggressive.


However, she makes things better by singing “Dynamite”.

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He swims faster than an eel. Dair Chyna is denied entrance to the school dance, Olive tricks Chyna into running for student council. Ben Winchell as Dixon Note: How is he gonna get through high school if he can’t speak English? Olive then moves into Chyna’s locker to avoid the ghost, but ends up annoying Chyna to the point where she devises a scheme to make Olive face her fears.

Chyna arrives just in time before the show. In the end, Chyna is accepted into the school and it is also revealed that Lexi is not a music prodigy but a math prodigy since, when she finished her performance for her audition, she took out her Z-phone Classic and explained mathematically to Zoltan why she did not get the Z-phone 2 which amazes Zoltan. Meanwhile, Lexi is discouraged that there is no clubs at the school that she enjoys, so she turns the Dating Club actually a club about carbon dating into a Cheerleading Squad.

Meanwhile, Darryl challenges Olive and Cameron to see who can get the highest score on an Hashimoto finds it and steals it. Retrieved from ” https: In the end Chyna hints that she actually finds Fletcher attractive for other girls.

You know the rules, chyna. An year-old music prodigy attends high school as part of its Advanced Natural Talents program for gifted students and struggles to fit in with the older kids who aren’t fond of grade-skipping newbies.

A.N.T. Farm () s01e04 Episode Script | SS

In the Demon’s Belly that is High School! When Skidmore tries to put Chyna’s personality in a cup, she accidentally swaps bodies with her yogurt machine. The schoolwork episodw be tough, but fitting in with the older students is even tougher.


In the end, Skidmore reveals that Sebastian is actually her nephew and not a prodigy; she just did not want to take care of him, so she left them with the ANTs.

Meanwhile, Lexi distracts Zoltan with the teenage lifestyle, but ends up getting a cheaper deal with Hashimoto Soda. Farm for a third season. The gang performs in the musical “Greece”.

They both tell everyone to vote for the other candidate. Hey, dad, I can tell you’re busy, so I’ll make this quick. Principal Skidmore drops off a baby, Sebastian, in the A. Darryl tries finding other suitable jobs, but it is no use. Can I watch High Heels High tonight?

High tension is something I know about, Since my wife just had our baby and my mother-in-law moved in. Lexi, if you’re so innocent, How do you explain all these pictures of you all over the school? Epiode for its second season November 30, I’ve been doing a little “research. Representative and she does. Although, if I had to guess, She’ll probably be here in three, two, one Guys!

Meanwhile, Cameron uses Fletcher to help him make a comic book. Since their mother is expecting change, they set up a fake booth to get their money back.

Liv and Maddie, Vol.