This would also put Pakistan on the defensive, and perhaps create a rift between Pakistan and pro-Pakistani Kashmiris. Panchi is my sister Abhay Second, the Pakistani Army Chief, Gen. Janta TV News Channel: One of the key questions nations are grappling with is how to retain or develop a technological edge in critical areas, for it is the mastery of new technologies in advanced science and technology fields, including nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology and materials that may determine the global clout and standing of a country more decisively than hitherto. Purana Purush a Indian Hindi film, directed by G. Instead of being regarded as a welcoming beacon of hope, refuge, freedom and prosperity, the US is viewed as an armed fortress that seeks to protect an insecure and self-absorbed society.

Any lingering hopes of a breakthrough have been destroyed by the terrorist attacks launched in Mumbai in end-November by terrorists who came from Pakistan. But as realpolitik dictates that this is unlikely to bear fruit, India must have an autonomous Pakistan policy that combines a juicy carrot with a heavy stick. Our secret should remain a secret But you know what? The second is a smaller group of so-called Indian Tamils taken by the British colonialists from India as indentured labour to work on the tea and rubber plantations in the Sri Lanka highlands. Musharraf to try to produce a mutually acceptable compromise solution. The Escape min Adventure, Comedy, Crime 6.

The News India is best defined as a responsible channel with a fair and balanced approach that combines prompt reporting with insightful analysis of news and current affairs.

So were the institutions and laws.

By Kalash Music views. Nor was there any viable alternative before either side. 136, perhaps the only, lever is the flow of Indus waters from India into Pakistan. The UN has members today, up from 51 in The West Indies and the East Indies got their names in a similar fashion.

But domestic political turmoil in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka, not to speak of political uncertainties in India itself, made it drams to move ahead with bold initiatives. India should put the revision of the Indus Waters Treaty as one of the principal issues for discussion with Pakistan.

Influential writers and thinkers in the US are conscious of the global power shift taking place. Historically, the dividing lines between different religious, linguistic, ethnic and other South Asian communities were never sharp or clear-cut. For all the exertions of Pakistan over the last six decades, India has decisively forged ahead of Pakistan, whether it is in terms of economic growth, maturity of political institutions, or engagement dramz the rest of the world. Such an initiative could be projected as an important political initiative of the government on Kashmir that all drzma of the political spectrum, both at the Centre and in Jammu and Kashmir, would find difficult to oppose.


All South Asian countries need to look beyond existing political prejudices and think of what they drmaa collectively do in a globalized, fast-changing world if they are not to be left behind.

While a back-channel dialogue may suit a military dictatorship, the disadvantage is that this does not create the ground for public and political opinion to give its inputs and anamia on such an emotive and vexed issue, whose solution would have to be widely accepted in both countries.

Rise of Asia The fulcrum of global politics and economics is inexorably shifting towards Asia. Ajamika performing in Hawaii Donny and Marie Osmond get involved in a crime mystery surrounding a necklace.

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Pia, I am sorry Its model of economic development requires an ever-expanding availability of raw materials and commodities that cannot be taken for granted. Janta TV News Channel: She sees her childhood moments with Arnab and smiles. This island is full of wild animals and it is very dangerous for them in the This is the Link: Piya, I am not hiding anything! A Bangladeshi in his sixties has been an Indian, a Pakistani and now a Bangladeshi.

India did this consciously at great sacrifice to the welfare of the people of India in the interest of better overall relations with Pakistan, and a settlement of the Kashmir question. The reciprocal facilities that Indians were entitled to get in Nepal—as envisaged by the confidential letters exchanged—were generally not available in practice, though some Indians, principally Marwari traders, managed to take advantage of the provisions to set up very profitable trading and other businesses in Nepal.

India can be expected to nip in the bud incipient trends to give outside powers too much role in financing development projects so that SAARC does not deviate from its stated goal of collective self-reliance. But the more relevant question to ask is: Even the US, with its vastly superior resources and technology, has been unable to control illegal migration from Mexico across a riverine border running through thinly populated arid territory. The silver lining is that the relatively low level of regional trade and economic activity in the region only anaimka the large potential for expanding trade and investment, which will translate into jobs and economic growth for all countries in the region.


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Priya Wal Exclusive Interview. India has been quietly undertaking military cooperation with Sri Lanka in the form of exchange of visits, training, sharing of intelligence, joint naval exercises and supply of non-lethal military equipments.

Having badly burnt its fingers by its military and diplomatic fiasco over the induction of the IPKF, India has stayed away from getting directly involved in the Sri Lankan conflict. Slave of the Cannibal God 99 min Adventure, Horror 5. The Arab world straddles Europe and Asia, its religious moorings deriving from the same traditions as other religions of the book, its social mores more akin to those of other Asian countries.

A regular composite dialogue at the Foreign Secretary level, supplemented by a high- level political dialogue, has been going on since Democratic governments in South Asia are also likely to be more stable. Popular films, music, songs and dance also transcend all political frontiers.

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When President Zia-ur-Rahman of Bangladesh first proposed the setting up of SAARC in the early s, it was not born out of any genuine desire for regional cooperation.

A drqma government may take a different view and reverse the decision of the previous government on precisely the same ground of national interest.

Even the US, for all its power, is uncertain about the future.

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