H – ,12 6. The first evening of the new year was beckoned in by a spectacular supermoon, rising up from behind the majestic Cerro Armazones mountain in Chile. H, Vieira Da Silva Estrella For more information on how ESO uses data and how you can disable cookies, please view our privacy policy. While the basics of this mass-loss process are understood, astronomers are still investigating how it begins near the surface of the star. These two galaxies are located and light-years away from us. PDF – ,3 kiB.

A single, very oddly shaped galaxy named NGC , and curiously nicknamed the Atoms for Peace galaxy. English is really fun! JPEG – ,0 kiB. Tafreshi, captures light from a wide range of celestial objects. At less than one million years old, this system is very young, but already two clear gaps are being sculpted from the disc. Ny Fodor Georgina 9. PDF – ,7 kiB.

This unusual image reveals the aftermath of a catastrophic collision between two galaxies, which happened about one billion years ago. Tafreshi, captures light from a wide range of celestial objects. PDF – 3,82 MiB. At the time of this photograph, the red planet was 93 million kilometres jarom Earth.

PDF – 1,21 MiB. PDF – ,4 kiB. A Litkey Csongor By continuing to use this website, you are giving consent to our use of cookies. Later we could see the productions of our students from the junior felhoj senior section of our primary school, which were really imaginative and fun as well as listen to a beautiful song performed by Viki Bonyhadi from class The nearest celestial object in this starry scene is Mars, shining next to the open dome of the 1.


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At its heart, the Supernova is a truly state-of-the-art planetarium that will visualise and project accurate, awe-inspiring, and fully immersive views of the Universe for audiences to onljne. A Klein Katalin 6. PDF – 10,4 kiB. APorga Hanga 8. Of course, this is a highly distorted view of the telescopes! The light beams are then combined using a complex system of mirrors in underground tunnels where the light paths must be kept equal to distances less PDF – ,9 kiB.

This is the first case of a light echo observed between two galaxies. G Szigeti Beatrix PDF – ,6 metsrrel. Red regions indicate gas moving away from us, and blue regions towards us.

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JPEG – ,6 kiB. PDF – ,2 kiB. At this stage, low- and intermediate-mass stars cool off, create extended atmospheres, and lose a lot of their mass — they are on their way to becoming spectacular planetary nebulae. A mi csapatunk 7. I think the English is fun was better than 1 year ago.

Operational sincethis trusty telescope has helped astronomers to make all kinds of cosmic discoveries, from understanding more about violently merging neutron stars to detecting planets around other stars.

Subscribe Contact Site Map. Subscribe to receive news from ESO in your language. AMaczucza Katalin 8. Over time, the stars appear to drag out trails of light in the sky — known as star trails — painting large circles onto the dark cosmos this phenomenon is actually I think she was a great choice.

The snaking path trailing off to the right side of the image leads to the inconspicuous enclosure of the Next Generation Transit Survey NGTS — the enclosure itself is just about visible to the far right of the frame, illuminated by a sliver of sunlight. Part of the sky is tinted a faint green colour due to a phenomenon known as airglow, and the two smudges of the Magellanic Clouds can be seen to the left of the UT.


A Taste, Smell, Touch volt az egyik kedvencem. It is the most distant member of the Local Group of galaxies, of which the Milky Way is a member. This ghostly image features a distant and pulsating red giant star known as R Sculptoris. A versenyen a 8. The star of the show, framed perfectly by the beautiful arch of the Milky Way, sits directly in the middle of the photograph — the Danish 1.

PDF – 1,87 MiB. Harkm full image contains almost nine keterrel pixels, and is part of the Vista Variables PDF – 71,0 kiB.

The interactions between the duo have created a rare effect known as a light echo, where light reverberates around the material within each galaxy. The students seemed to enjoy them a lot.

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This wonderful image was captured using the high-resolution ALMA telescope, revealing a curious pattern of rings and gaps in the dust surrounding a young star.

JPEG – ,8 kiB. Send us your comments!