Of the ten cast members that were allowed to sit on the stage, only six were spoken to Cochran, Dawn, Andrea, Reynold, Malcolm, and Phillip. Season 26, Episode 14 May 12, Phillip told his alliance that they should continue their original split voting plan just in case Eddie and Malcolm did not play their Idols. Reynold, who works in real estate and for whom I have an immediate lack of affinity, laments the lack of camaraderie: Alas, Cochran and Dawn are working together! However, he changed his mind the next morning.

If you want to meet the Survivor Caramoan: Shamar says, “I’d much rather you guys with energy put it towards the fire. John Cochran 25, Washington, D. Phillip told Andrea that he was considering throwing the challenge. Season 26, Episode 15 May 12, Facing off two on two, the tribes would try to retrieve a ring and return with it to their starting flag. Phillip accepts the beans, which he will probably eat all alone, chewing like this. The two patched things up after Shamar stepped in with the correct technique for starting fire with the fire-saw method.

The contestants included 10 new players, the “Fans”, and 10 former players, the “Favorites”, from six previous seasons returning for their second chance at the game. Brandon and Andrea pair together for the favorite’s team.

Eddie struggled with the balut giving Surbivor the opportunity to face off against Cochran in the final round. Thicken that plot like a roux, my friendly accessorizers.

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Enter your email address below and we’ll send you an email with instructions to create a new password. He offers her an alliance to go to the final two together. Caramoan — Fans vs. Brenda immediately turned against Andrea.

He then announces that they will have their first challenge favorires.

Brandon asked to step off the tribe mat to address Gota. They would start on opposite sides of the course, racing through knee-deep water to catch the other tribe. Matt considered joining the alliance of Allie, Eddie, Hope and Reynold in voting out Shamar, but Sherri tried to get him to vote against Allie.

Medically evacuated 7th jury member Fns The rope would be tied to one end of a heavy log. First tribe to shoot six sandbags to the six targets wins.


He decides to add Erik to the group. Back at camp, Cochran survjvor concerned about Julia’s ties to Phillip and wanted to make sure that one of the Fans was voted out.

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For immunity, the players swim beneath a platform and then race across it to grab water rings. That’s what I’m looking for, you know what I mean.

At Tribal Council, Phillip’s alliance of six voted for Francesca and she was voted out, making her the only caramozn to be the first voted out twice. Julia gets to the ring before Dawn can grab it and runs towards the fan’s pole. What seems to be one of those boring rounds, Francesca and Cochran sail through and score a point. Andrea shows strength as she wrestles with Hope. The Varamoan R Us alliance agreed they could now freely vote out any of the three as they had no Hidden Caraoan Idol, but unbeknownst to them, Malcolm still had one.

While the Fans won favvorites first round, the Favorites swept the next rounds to take the win. The lowly fans arrive at camp via boat, while the favorites are imported via helicopter like fine D-list celebrity chocolates.

Jeff Probst gives orange buffs to the Fans their tribe name Gota and violet ssurvivor for acramoan Favorites Bikal. Caramoan — Fans vs. They’re going to get targeted right away. Retrieved February 14, Phillip told Andrea that they, along with Cochran and Dawn, could take themselves all the way to the Final Four. Season 26, Episode 5 March 13, carakoan The first two castaways to finish their heat would move on to the final round. But while it may have been the end of Francesca againit is the start of another Survivor season premiere recap again.

Cambodia—Second Chance’ cast revealed”. At Tribal Council, the timing of a “big move” was discussed. Over at Bikal, Brandon became upset that Phillip was taking credit for the win at the Reward Challenge and the two argued over what Brandon called Phillip’s dictatorial attitude.

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Later, the finalists are questioned by the jury members, who then vote for the winner. Andrea and Malcolm later shared notes about the factions within the former Gota. Brenda asked Cochran why she should vote for him after he had orchestrated her elimination right after the selfless family visit gift she had given him and the others and he replied that getting rid of her was purely a strong game move and she should respect that, and asked Dawn to remove her dental appliance in front of the jury to show that she would have stayed in the game if she had not recovered it.


After returning to camp, Brandon was upset about the vote against Francesca and told Erik that he wanted to channel his uncle, Russell Hantzand play the game dirty. Sherri was not picked during the school yard pick and sat out the challenge. Phillip “revoked” Sherri’s membership in Stealth R Us, told Dawn that he would not vote for her, and Cochran that he played a good game.

He explains, “There’s ten people on our tribe so I’m just going to do my thing and see how it plays out. Francesca reveals, “I guess I was a little traumatized by like having a really bad minority alliance the first time I played. Shamar Thomas 27, Brooklyn, New York. Andrea was not paranoid enough to play her Hidden Immunity Idol, so she was blindsided, and took it with her to the jury.

When the four returned to camp, Cochran approached Eddie and they talked about taking Sherri to the final three. The season filmed from May 21 — June 28,and premiered on February 13,with a special minute episode. Erik reaches the ring first, but finds trouble when he faces his competitor—Shamar.

They both know that they are young, strong guys and should stick together because everyone else will see them as targets. How could it not work?

Season 26, Episode 12 May 1, Season 26, Episode 6 March 20,