Sumanta reads that this can be called fate, Vishwamitra came to make your sons visit Shiv Dhanush, but Ram was proved the best infront of the Divya Dhanush, all the princes failed to lift the Dhanush, but just Ram was the one who lifted the Dhanush and even broke it. A furious Bali returns to Kishkindha and attacks Sugriva for locking him up in the cave. Surpanakha asks Ravan to avenge her insult by Ram. After some years Ram crowns Luva and Kusha as Kings of Ayodhya and along with his brothers – Bharat and Shatrughan drown themselves in the Sarayu river. A grieving Dasharatha passes away. Siya Ke Ram English: Bharat says we will meet Kaikeyi, she will be very happy.

Hanuman, with his wit and power kills Akshayakumara. Good plot but streching more to every movement. Ram then kills many more warriors in the war including Ravan’s younger brother Kumbhakarna. A password will be e-mailed to you. Malyavaan says Swayamvar is going to start now. This gravely angers Ravan and he decides to kill Ram as soon as possible.

Sita sees the injured golden deer and tells Ram that she wants to cure it. A password will be e-mailed to you. Ravan plans troops to attack the monkey army midnight. Kaisi yeh yaariyan episode Time: He goes to the battlefield and fights Lakshman.

Y is suya so interested in getting Sita married to the wicked Raavan… Quite strange. Ram greets the Dhanush. Shruthkirti asks are you both still doing this, and says Ram has won, Raavan epidode back by failing. Kushadwaj apologizes to him and leaves. Thursday, November 19, Last updated Jan 26, A password will be e-mailed to you.


Siya ke ram 18th january 2016 episode

On the way to Lanka, Jatayu tries to save Sita but Ravan cuts off both his wings. Like 0 Dislike 0. Sign in Recover your password.

Yes n i think myself 2nd…. Retrieved 29 March Mockingjay dramas Thursday, 27 Writetn Parvathi Thangaraj 21st Jan – The man sees Ram and says Rajkumar.

Manmarziyan episode 50

Lakshman hesitantly agrees and draws a powerful line Lakshmana Rekha which no immoral creature could cross to protect Sita, but tells Sita not to cross it or the power would go. Another prince says I will end this competition.

Kaikeyi asks what change. Any one tell me when ram kills ravan then what happen. Surpanakha is delighted to see Sita in Lanka. The man says you are right and goes. After a long battle ram kills ravan and ram sita unite…. He tries hard to lift Dhanush.

Manmarziyan episode 50

Laxman says my brother will surely answer you. Vishwamitra asks the princes who will attack first. Meanwhile, Ram comes to know about the abduction from the bird Jatayu.

Urmila asks what type of food he likes, and Sita will make food as you like. Shathanand talks to Devi.

Laxman gets angry and shouts Maharaj Janak…. Naruto Shippuuden Episodio 50Episodio 50 online y en descarga directaEpisodio Madnvi talks like Raavan holding his idol and laughs.

Ravan kicks Vibhishan and considers him as his enemy. There our heros Luv Kush will be born…. Am jsn to see sita getting married to ram? Everyone smile seeing Sita. The prince could not even move the Dhanush.


Uma 19th Jan – Gopal 19th Jan – Sita is shattered when she heard that Ram died. Playback singers …… Camera technicians….

Siya Ke Ram 19th January Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Marich apologizes to Ram for his misdeed and dies. As a final testament to her purity,Sita returns to her celestial abode by going back to her mother Bhumi after confronting Ram. Sita requests her mother to not destroy them and promises her that the day she has completely fulfilled all her duties, she would seek refuge from her and return to her. Poulomi 18th Jan – Hanuman rescues Sugriva episod Bali. However, it seems that while Bhumi Pednekar was originally the actress who began shooting for the film, it might now be Taapsee Pannu as leading lady.

Abi 20th Jan – 5: So, the 1 st weekend box office collection went to around 3. She asks how did Ram reach there, when we have sent message to Janak that he is not here. Later, Ravan stops Surpanakha from attacking Sita. Janak smiles siyw turns to see Sita.

The prince prays and tries lifting the Dhanush.