She was just mistaken. LeeLy Jun 13 And yes, Paran is a plus. I have a favor to ask. Anyway, Mu-ryong leaves his dish among some of the most unappetizing looking concoctions ever. Yoo Hee goes to see Johnny to uncomfortably ask him, as a favor, to test Mu-ryong. I’ll probably continue watching episode 9 and the rest soon i simply have no interest in watching the drama after episode 8 but because i’m a fan of jae hee, i have to try and finish watching him

At least it was funny-bad, and not just painful-bad. Although — dare I say this? He is surprisingly violent with the guy, and then comforts her afterward. So Mu-ryong leaves, stunned at his loss, and Yoo Hee cries at having hurt both of them with her lie: Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. Just enjoy the pretty people being pretty. I’m sorry that the main lesson to be taken from my response to Witch Amusement is that hotness buys many favors. Ominously, she responds with silence when Mu-ryong stops her to say:

For some period they seem to have a good and honest relationship. Jung Ryu Won sebagai Yoo Hee-jin. She invites him to a drink and she asks if they can date but he walks out on her because he yuee made a deal with her father, just like before.

Mu-ryong and Seung Mi together are cute in a sweet way, while Yoo Hee and Johnny together are cute in a super-dorky way, which makes it awesome. When the guardians for both parties arrive — Yoo Hee and Mu-ryong — to straighten out the mess at the police station, the four of them walk out together as Paran suggests they all go do something fun as a group. He declines at first since he already has a girlfriend, but his friend offers him money, and warns him however that the woman he sinopis be meeting is rather different.

The ice cream of my love is melting and running down the sides of the cone of our happiness, becoming ever more soggy and inedible with time, unable to contain our epic relationship as we are doomed to suffer sinopiss winds wicth fate.


He also takes interest in the birthday cake Mu-ryong has with him, which was meant for Seung Mi. Instead, yuuee should open her eyes wider when judging men. Yoo Hee, Seung Mi Row 2: Joon Ha takes her to the hospital, where her mystery ailment is not disclosed. Mu-ryong rushes to get Yoo Hee and collides with Joon Ha, who, by the way, is kind of an ass. Jae Hee is by far the most compelling ykhee in this series.

Sinopsis witch yoo hee episode 13

Initially, Yoo Hee expects a grand wifch, kind of like this: In the end however, all my frustrations melt away because I think of Jae Hee. He repeats in his lessons, “smile”, “be kind and gentle” and “be polite”. Johnny gives Mu-ryong another shot at the French cooking competition. I loved this insane, silly episode because it made me laugh.

My love for this drama keeps growing. No matter how many blind dates she has, not one has ever led to a second. No matter how hot you can get, Javabeans surely won’t let that go unnoticed!

This page was last edited on 14 Februaryat She gets the address of the home where Mu-ryong is acting as housekeeper, and heads over… …just as Mu-ryong finds a drunk Yoo Hee passed out in front of her own doorway….

That triggers something in the President, who is greatly offended at this and angrily slaps Yoo Hee. That third one looks like vomit. Yoo Hee, I love you! Except, not sihopsis much. I didn’t download this drama anymore since I lost interest a while ago.

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But oops, what to do? Yoo Hee flashes back to when they were students, and remembers how she felt when Joon Ha told her he was leaving to study abroad.


The red tags are everywhere. But when he gets faced with the unruly thugs, he whoops their asses. You want me to trust you? Get out of my sight.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Or maybe this series. You mean just like in Choon Hyang??

I’ve been waiting and waiting for this. She should trust what he says, not the rumors. Yoo Hee takes sinlpsis moment to pull Mu-ryong aside and express her feelings about his presence… …and Mu-ryong happily finds ways to interrupt moments between Yoo Hee and Joon Ha with an innocent face.

And the sequence is shot very well.

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Witch Amusement — Right: Mu-ryong comes to a decision finally! As he leaves, Yoo Hee can only stare after him…. Yoo Hee continues to take the dating episofe and Moo Ryung continues to be her pretend boyfriend, but since Moo Ryung already has a girlfriend Seung Mi there are a lot of misunderstandings. Instead, she sends a little kid to bring him his ice cream cone, and her half of their couple ring set. But at this point, I start to see his position a bit more clearly.

It just leaves me scratching my head at certain points….

Look at those babycheeks! As you may remember, they explained that they met around the time of the World Cup when Yoo Hee acted as his guide.