I’d feel very bad for Suk Jin if this was considered his special episode, because all he did was cackle like a villain, separated from the rest of his cast members. Every Question Episode 3 years ago. But i still love RM. They need new ideas for running man, or a new variety show altogether. There have been plenty of eps where guests were expelled earlier. She looks older than that, but I like her personality. It doesn’t mean they are given lines to speak, but they play the character according to their own understanding, and they excel in it and they are good at ad-lib and developing their own character on the show.

Kshow will always be the first to have the episode so please Bookmark us for update. It can’t go on forever because the concept gets old and the audiences have nothing new to see. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe RM creative team might hv worried that Yoo Jung is too young to participate in most of the physical game so was given less part.. Jae Moon was pretty funny being the blackhole. Normally, the name tag ripping game is exciting but for the first time I did not feel any excitment for this game. Why, what, where and who allowed this to happen?! Which makes sense if you have to cry out a magical incantation in front of your hyung.

Seeing what’s happening with 1n2d threw me off, and i be shitting my pants man.

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Multi Fandom Year ago. They zero in on Kwang-soo as their next target. And while I could see the change, I wouldn’t right it off so harshly. I really hope that they don’t go down the su route.

Variety shows should have a life span just like a drama. Maybe when the guests runing weak or have no variety skills. We basically get a tour of his crib before the staff follows him to the Dodgers stadium to go look at more baseball stuff.


Watched this episode, and excited to see TOP there. RM has made some changes some for the best but some for the worst, some of the games in an ep can be fun while other’s not so much and tend to drag. In other words, members and production team have to episoed ways that guests always there in finale round, and one of them has to win the game, or at least be in the winning team.

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N yes the best part of the show was just the car plunger bit. Megumi February 21, at 5: Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Running man episode Again, not their fault.

Meta [Happily never after] Maybe Hometown Report Episode 2 months ago. Running Man Channel 8 months ago. Shinee Super Funny Episode 4 3 years ago. Buried me alive half heartedly so I could reach the surface then buried me again.

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Quiet Thought November 10, at 4: But rng going to say not great but totally the RM we like and prefer. The show isn’t really about winning or losing the games.

If they aren’t, I don’t see the point behind most of the complaints about “scripted” game shows. What runnihg waste of a fresh concept.

Weekly Idol Episode will air on 18h00 Wednesday, Feb 27, You’re probably right that they need completely new ideas or a new variety show. Sorry but this episode was so boring.


And I actually felt really sorry for Yoo Jung because she got to do so little: P and Kim Rinning Jung seemed to just blend into the background in this episode, I can understand Yoo Jung being young, but she tried her best.

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Jae-moon starts it off, but he quickly reveals himself to be the black hole, struggling with the plunger. He did say this is his first variety or something so I give him that. The old guy was quiet too but he kinda lossened up at the last part, not enough to save the show thou. If you loved this video. Meanwhile, Dorothy Yoo-jung and her Oppa meet up with the scarecrows in the field.

Or just show his face while listing facts, like this! And the members obviously went easy on the other 2 male guests, especially on TOP excuse me while i shy away from BB fans Ji Hyo has started several episodes being crabby and withdrawn, but she almost always comes through when her competitive instincts are roused. Haha also trolled a male guest in epit was really funny at first but it shouldn’t be overdone like what he did here too.

Lucy November 8, at 9: TOP oppa being the sole reason and then we get this?!?!

I was hoping he would eventually win to make up the not good parts in front, what a pity.