Our money has been looted, the Nation was duped by its leaders. This was during my barefoot escapade yesterday in the murderous heat JustBeingMe running away from shi So since they only contribute on public interest trending matter, I have to do all it takes and include all media and like minded partners to make this happen. February 1 at 5: I have received credible information that the despotic deputy president of Kenya, one William Samoei Ruto plans to I wonder if they now regret fighting the whites just to replace them with traitors of our own. Eacc has insulated INjustice William Musyoka. I will soon put this right as Commander in Chief

But to whom is the question. See more of Nazlin Umar for President on Facebook. I want to ask them what their problem is and how far I will go on this matter should they not do the necessary asap. If so, please try restarting your browser. How will he ever recover from this trauma???? We will also host an employee roll bureau. Recommended stories you may like:. Everyone has a black file on each other and threaten to burn this Nation if exposed or fired using the tribal card to insulate themselves.

I need to source the right channel and make it a larger donor fund basket, calling upon tycoons and company CSR to add to the Kitty. However I salute and pay homage to our heroic ancestors and tell them O’ ye beloved ones, Naziln still fight nazljn, a freedom fighter because we are enslaved and colonised by our own!

This was rrama two years during their interviews. SO My way forward: What about all the complaints I have lodged against judges and other public officers?? So my friend Tom Okwaro shared this story of a young man who stole a phone from a young girl. A small rough butchery in Karen on the way to the hub.


I will expose you to outer space and back, even in my death, I will remain more vicious in exposing you, a freedomfighter I will not die on my knees but on the battlefront, a hero.

I detest this cheap behavior from all our public officers Love you all Mwaaaah! My life is a mission. I have the numbers for the two accused, his aunt and uncle, I will try and call them too.

And that purpose is yet to omwr fulfilled.

Drama As Presidential Candidate Nazlin Umar Attends Meeting To Endorse Uhuru for 2nd Term

They even work with prostitutes and then threaten to charge you for soliciting. On this sham, I stand with the people my old friend. And I also believe that couples who cuddle a lot sort out any issues, however large they may be.

Its bonanza for bribery today!

So deep is the impact. A peculiar observation is that many respectable media houses have sent dubious journalists to seek and take my critical interviews on very sensitive matters but instead of publishing them, they have run away with them, have become abusive with impunity, nazlni records been ‘intercepted’ published interviews been pulled down or all along had been the subject of being obtained by false pretenses for “someone” at the expense of my life and that of my family.

I call upon the president Uhuru Kenyatta to intervene and due to the necessity advanced, my family, witnesses and I be accorded state protection to divert a planned assassination and enable investigations as well as empower me to expose even more grievous issues dgama I have about Ruto and his allies without fear that my family will be harmed.

Or rather, reaping the fruits of being a WhistleBlower on such high level massive corruption Nazlin is one of the 10 Presidential Candidates set to be on the ballot in August.


They will be drsma for selling Kenya and enslaving Kenyans to China and europe with bonds, grants, loans and projects they stole that we will never afford to repay. And give him or her time to dash to colleagues for a anticipatory bail or restraining orders??

I tried 2tag safcom on the terror tribulations we suffered there 2day, but see what came up- Safaricom Kumamake!

You read that right.

Drama As Presidential Candidate Nazlin Umar Attends Meeting To Endorse Uhuru for 2nd Term

Farah Khaleck was part of it too. She is improving after her medical trip to India for her StemCell treatment that I fundraised for. Our women members are now in the senate, parliament, cdf, latf and many parastatals and business entities. And people are desperate, no jobs, no money in circulation.

On this one Mr. Same goes with your homes. I am at a loss, as a presidential contender, the chief opposition leader, chief anti-corruption czar and chief whistle blower in Kenya, on where to lodge my complaints or record this evidence. Any person who becomes an accessory after the fact to murder is guilty of a felony and is liable to imprisonment for life.

President Uhuru Kenyatta you can’t feign ignorance anymore with gross theft under your nose as CEO in every docket, because ev So since they only contribute on public interest trending matter, I have to do all it takes and frama all media and like minded partners to make this happen.