For the record, I did start a glossary a couple of years ago, when I started book 1, but I didn’t keep it updated – I’ll update that entry when I get the new one set up. Fuki tested out his brother’s words. But if it wasn’t just that? Surmising that calling one would be too risky, they figured this was the best way to get away. Carpets covered the wooden floor, and far side of the front room contained nothing but a silk covered chair embroidered with gold thread. Thank you so much for so much lovely CDs! A picture of the two of them must have been intended for sale separately.

But with those words, he was once again reminded of what sort of goods he would have to present from now on in this place. The man smiled and stepped forward to finish him off. If only they could keep walking like this with their hands held forever. Fuki cautiously lifted his head, and there directly above him stood Ouichirou. Fuki wanted a fresh new start with Ouichirou. Fuki was suddenly embarrassed. Fuki didn’t understand why Hirotsugu would want him to go there.

But that didn’t seem to be the case. And, as a general note that doesn’t apply too much until chapter 2, the prostitutes in Hanafurirou all have names of beautiful things and such. But that just gave him a sort of stylish charm. Fuki ran mindlessly as Ouichirou led him away.

Doushiyoumo Nai Keredo Title, Translation: You’re worried about the old man, eh? He was still slightly annoyed at being made fun of earlier, and just the thought of going to a teahouse or somewhere like that with the boys gave him the chills. Fuki succumbed, unable to rebel against the temptation any longer. While Fuki stared, Ouichirou lifted him off the ground.


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He laughed through his nose at Fuki. Doesn’t he have any intention to be friendly at least at the end? Coming back to himself, he lowered his voice. But the brothel owner just stared at him with a cold, insistent gaze that told him that he had certainly not been mistaken. But if it wasn’t just that?

Log in No account? Kichou, like Kagerou, was one of the prize jewels of Hanafurirou, the top male brothel in Yoshiwara. That was the first time Jana had heard anything about mortgaging the inn. You can come buy me if you want. I won’t be able to see you anymore. Geez, go graduate college first. The Ikami’s had eventually stopped living at the main house and had rented a nearby apartment instead.

My sister moved to here when she was married. Why had he acted like that? It’s no use to me. Either way, the brothel owner cut into the speech from the pimp trying to pitch his sale. Unlike me, who didn’t get anything you taught me. Even going to the lengths of selling your body. I think they’re referring to postcards featuring pictures of high-class courtesans traveling to “assignments” with their kamuro and shinzou in tow.

In the end, Fuki could only say those careless, generic words. Though Fuki often saw him from afar, it was a long time since he’d seen him this close. Normally a huge amount of money. Reply Parent Thread Link. Ouichirou would be twenty eight. A live-in employee, he had began to live in Fuki’s house along with his son.


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And yet, he was drawn to him. Fuki answered it without thinking. He englisn a rather good upbringing as well. He had looked up at Ouichirou, whose expression was terrifying. And then there was the person leaning against the wall just a short distance away, arms crossed over his chest and watching the scene in front of him.

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The gates were still closed, but they could just wait till the first train. They would talk in whispers, stopping when Fuki passed by. It was like an audience chamber in a castle. He felt that if he lost the inn, the one connection he had with Ouichirou was gone. If I could sleep with Ouichirou Even if the inn were restored, he would be self-dependent enough to be fine by himself.

At that moment, a screen on the opposite corridor opened with a slap. From the beginning Fuki seried become attached to him.

Ouichirou clutched it in his hand and didn’t say anything.