After Snoozer’s pillow is stolen, Hamtaro eventually finds that the thief is Penelope, trying to put everything away in an attempt at responsibility. It’s Halloween and the Djungarians are visiting. Haru no Kaze ” Japanese: Barentain Nano ” Japanese: The weather is beautiful on New Year’s and for the occasion, many people in Laura’s town have taken to flying kites The Ham-Hams want a part in the fun. Are both the Ham-Ham’s and Laura’s Mom’s mysterious treasures never to be found? Hamtaro, Oxnard, Lapis, and Snoozer are stuck in the worm’s stomach.

Laura introduces Hamtaro to konpeito -shaped candies called Diamonds of Sugar. Will the Ham-Hams and chickens work together to save Penelope and the baby chicken? Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. But Marron has some tricks up her sleeve Laura’s family goes to visit their grandmother, who lives near a sunflower field. One sleepy rainy evening, Laura and Hamtaro fall asleep while reading a book full of fairytales Also the last episode to air on YTV, ergo, last episode to air in Canada.

The cute Animated Feature Film about the episode that Hamtaro and the friends of the hamster develop.

The Ham-Ham Express (2003) Episode 244- Tottoko Hamtaro Cartoon Episode Guide

But, if they can’t get the sunflower seed and return home in time, then they’ll be stuck in Ham-Ham Land forever! Oxnard accidentally lets the chickens out of the cage. Boss says that the candies are the same things as stars in the sky.

As a bad evaluation runs out when I hzmtaro it and handle it, please understand it. So the Ham-Hams try to help give Mimi a Christmas party.


This is the last episode to be aired on Cartoon Network, ergo, last episode aired in the United States. So the Ham-Hams decide to help him out. Dexter takes the destroyed glasses and makes hamster-sized glasses for the Ham-Hams. Raburabu Daijiken ” Japanese: The Romantic Setup ” Transcription: The Ham-Hams make their own circus.

But Hamtaro, reaching for the perfect maple leaf, slips and finds himself dangling treacherously over a steep cliff. Laura’s Dad has heard, however, that flowers are starting to bloom around Shimmer Lake! After what happened yesterday, Pashmina got sick, and June messed up Kylie’s cake. Laura and Kana and their parents visit Dylan’s farm, and Oxnard wants to tell Pepper that he loves her, and at the end of the episode, Oxnard stays with Pepper and Dylan. The Glass Slipper ” Transcription: The Ham-Hams save her and watch the fireworks.

Bijou is a tough-girl princess who, tired of being cooped up in her castle all day, disappears disguised into the streets of her fiefdom.

Can the Ham-Hams get the stone back and save Sweet Paradise?

However, Hamtaro and Bijou think Boss was brave and that he “lowered his head to feint the cat”. She noticed that Omar was different from the Ham-Hams, because he is more charming. Ouji Sama ” Japanese: Laura’s grandfather is so funny. Hamuhamu Uedeingu ” Japanese: The Ham-Hams are also sad and enlist Elder-Ham’s help in the search.

Will Laura tell him that she likes him before he leaves? Oxnard becomes impressed by him that he would eat anything Chef Ham can prepare.


Who will Boss choose? Laura’s school has a bravery testand the Ham-Hams go too. Sandy asks Hamtaro to find out if Maxwell feels the same about her; Hamtaro is unable to do so. Kie Ta Kutsu hatmaro Japanese: Along the way, they encounter Jingle and some hostile chickens. Papa No Megane ” Japanese: The Ham-Hams, who know that Roberto is a kind person who truly loves soccer, and that without Roberto Travis’ soccer team won’t have a good chance in the championships, decide to try to patch things up.

At the same time, Boss accuses Hamtaro of forgetting about helping Bijou and that she got hurt when hamaro really didn’t in the process.

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Hamtaro suggest a hand-made gift after seeing Laura knitting a towel for Travis. She runs home and asks her mom if she can put one up at their house, too!

Can Hamtaro get back to Laura? Epksode begins to fall for Shake, so Potato and Broski have a contest to see who the winner is for Shake’s heart. Niwatori Torio hhamtaro Japanese: Travis gives her his towel and Laura dries off, then returns the towel. Yoshi are going on a date to the zoo.

Elder-Ham is reunited with Auntie Viv.