They agree to change the Polish and the Yugoslav governments to be coalitional, and so they revoke their support of the governments-in-exile. The Romanian Government publishes the decree regarding the institutionalization of Romanian administration in Northern Transylvania. The Western powers do not participate in the signing ceremony. Their intention is to bring about political and ideological unity. He sharply criticizes the government for the banning of Catholic Youth organizations, and demands the immediate cancelation of these orders. The chief defendant is General Cyril Stanchev. Yugoslavia is, at first, backed by Soviet Foreign Minister Molotov, but on the evening of July 3 Molotov abruptly changes his position and accepts the French compromise proposal. Soviet Union — September 2, KCA Stalin broadcasts a message to the Russian people announcing the end of the war, the unconditional surrender of Japan and the Soviet occupation of Japanese Sakhalin and the Kuriles.

The speech stated that the goal of Soviet policy was to rebuild the Soviet Union’s economy to match its military needs. He sharply criticizes the government for the banning of Catholic Youth organizations, and demands the immediate cancelation of these orders. Groza stresses the need for Romanian-Hungarian cooperation in order to liquidate past disagreements and secure peace. Finally, he rejects American accusations that Soviet allies are assisting communists in Greece and Turkey. Two of them are shot and the other five are sentenced to twelve years’ forced labor. Among the reasons for his dismissal, Gomulka is cited for disagreeing with the expulsion of Yugoslavia from the Cominform, and for opposing the collectivization of agriculture. The Romanian Government publishes the decree regarding the institutionalization of Romanian administration in Northern Transylvania. The left-wing parties use the process to rid the state and public administration of their political opponents.

Skip to main content. The demonstration was dispersed by armed forces. In the British, American and French press the statements by Stalin are welcomed as an important contribution to international understanding.

Did you know, that you will dobr part of the credit spent back? Both aforementioned are found guilty of collaborating with the Germans and of contributing towards destruction of the pre-war Czechoslovak Republic. Romania — April 20, PIR The press announces the placement of 1 million lei banknotes into circulation.


Vorosilov the chairman of the Allied Control Commission sign the Hungarian-Soviet reparation agreement.


Previously both had turned down the invitation. The four pro-Government parties announce the formation of their left wing bloc. It has no members from opposition parties. In 4 Hungarian language middle- and 4 upper high schools 6, students study. Romania — May 25, PIR Regional economic offices are created, with the purpose of collecting agricultural products which would eventually be delivered to the USSR and account for the payment of war reparations according to the Romanian-Soviet convention of January Lupu gains 2 seats.

The Soviet Union eventually withdraws its demand for international control over the Ruhr and its Mediterranean claims.

Lichozrouti Czech Animated Fairy Tale Sulyok, leader of the Freedom Party, announces in the National Assembly that the new Hungarian state is a police state and that the whole country is covered by a net of political spies and denouncers. In the first wave, 11, Hungarians are to be transported to Hungary by 13 July. Furthermore, the Austrian Government announces that it will take all the necessary measures to safeguard its sovereign rights as recognized by the Allied agreement.

The junker lands are eliminated as a part of the land reform. Finland — November 6, KCA Various Finnish politicians are arrested for indictment by the special court set up under the law.

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Vishinski attacks American officials for warmongering at the U. Hungary — June 25, REV The Hungarian government puts all associations and social organizations under Interior Ministry supervision, giving its communist minister control over the entire civil sector.

Grew is made public, according to which the U. The treaty forbids the cooperation of each party with Germany against the other. The Romanian Parliament passes emergency laws for the immediate confiscation of all gold, foreign currencies and foreign exchange balances held by Romanians and foreign residents in Romania.

The agreement is ratified by the National High Council on December 20, after a long public debate and numerous protests. The agreement addresses the questions of a possible Balkan confederation.


Vobri one Jews are killed. Molotov states that the Soviet Government agrees with the U. Before Alien, before Solaris, before The percentage of white paper votes is He had been detained by the Germans.

Also discussed is the inclusion of Pintilie Bodnarenco in the Central Committee and the nationalization of the means of production. Death sentences are passed by a summary court on the deputy notary of the village for murder and the parish priest for incitement for murder.

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The CC rejects the Soviet demands in a vote of confidence. Hungary and Poland sign an agreement about the exchange of commodities. Rating To be able to vote you have to log in first. He signs the treaty for friendship, co-operation and mutual doobri December America must make peace with Russia.

During the talks about Italy the Soviet Union asks for control over Libya, million dollars reparation payments and to give Trieste to Yugoslavia. It is developing over a very wide area of Eastern Europe, not by desire but by force…I cannot help feeling…that this kind of thing should be stopped. This treaty also allows Hungary to conduct similar treaties with other countries.

After the Moscow Conference of the three allied foreign ministers, discussions begin on how to attempt to broaden the basis of the government in accordance with the Moscow suggestions.

A new cabinet is formed with increasing Communist representation, and Communists begin to take up all the key portfolios. In connection to the Trieste situation, he states that ”we do not want to be used as a bribe in international bargaining; we do not want to get involved in any policy of spheres of interest.

Hungary — January 4, HC The 14th and the 15th edicts on reorganization of public administration sohsede setting up committees to certify state employees of the Provisional National Government are published.