As far as the sound quality goes, the massive power of this gaming speaker reflects on it. The system boasts of a total RMS power of 45W. Still people let’s not forget that 7 years ago the same amount of money The colors make them easy to pair on both ends. This 3-piece set comes with a controller and some massive capability for audio. The best gaming speakers enter the market armed to connect and start firing away the bass-power. But they settled well into our arrangement. That adds extra wires and creates an organization problem.

Speaker development is often a very conservative field, especially when you hit on the right formula and have little reason to change. While most every set of PC speakers has some type of basic volume control, there are also a lot of options that you can find on other systems. While these might not be as powerful as more expensive models out there, with just over 50 watts RMS, they still sound terrific. Corsair has consciously expanded its operations over the last few of years to make themselves one of the top names in high-end gaming peripherals of any type. Barring that, they sound pretty good for their price. The Corsair SP subwoofer measures

Article Contents Best 2. As you’d expect, given the price, the hardware is sturdy and well-designed. It meets the basic THX standards. Found my phone going to upload a picture in a bit need to charge it first. The refinement of audio is decent. Done up in all black, they sport pulsating blue lights on the satellite speakers. The dazzling looks of this speaker set is a work of art. Perhaps the best aspect of this model is that it is modular, so you can connect more than one of them together to boost your sound quality.


It performed admirably in our gaming tests.

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These setups have multiple satellites and a dedicated subwoofer, and offer much higher performance than basic speaker systems. Holiday Gift Guide Part 1. The vocals on music were warm and clean. Hmm so i guess i need to take a picture of my room and upload it inorder to figure out which is best for me then? The subwoofer is a cuboidal structure with a passive bass radiator.

They are semi-hardwired because of the power cord. As long as you connect to 5. Corsair has consciously expanded its operations over the last few of years to make themselves one of the top names in high-end gaming peripherals of any type.

Never regret how do you find it between a 2. The sub of this gaming speaker has one RCA input and one 3. I also read that you’re better off just getting monitors for around the same price range to get better sound.

The main control module has the headphone input, a power button and a switch to turn on the upmixing. It has a 20W amplifier to power the bass. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. This set is also available as a bundle with a Bluetooth audio adapter. The cables are more than long enough, with 4. While most of these are Bluetooth speakers that you need to have Bluetooth connectivity to use, the Klipsch ProMedia system uses a wireless dongle that works with any USB port.

In a creative brainstorm, Corsair placed one 3. The midrange has startling clarity for the price. But it had the kick that makes gunshots and explosions full-bodied. The most elaborate setup you are likely to find for PC speakers is 5.


The Corsair SP has Mod X technology that replicates a cinematic quality sound through the stereo speakers. Originally Posted by appro.

If you’re going to use your wireless speakers with a wide range of devices, such as tablets and smart phones, then this is a great choice. We take this move with a pinch of salt. It is tightly controlled from over-powering the midrange.

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You can pick up a reasonably high-quality 5. There are reflecting speakers inside the speaker cabinets that are angled for a full and lively audio irrespective of the speaker position. Creative Labs, maker of the Sound Blaster series of sound cards, and Cyber Acoustics also produce excellent PC speakers worth looking into.

They definitely spread the audio around the satellites for a more immersive experience.

The highs are detailed and never get sibilant. The X also features the Matrix Mode. Most of these models also have at least two satellite speakers, though some of them are 2.

How much you enjoy the game depends on how meaty that explosion was how the deep the rumble of a rescue helicopter sounds. Controls are located on the remote only, which has a backlit LCD screen that allows you to easily view in the darkened environs favored by gamers.

It can connect to various devices through an aux 3.

Creative Labs Creative A 5.