Posted June 1, What were the odds? I particularly like the compelling love triangle, which is kind of rare in jdramas. I dont think he is particularly good looking but he’s got a certain star quality to him. Sign In Sign Up. I guess they like the usual moral of the story thing in jdramas but I think I would love more relationship stuff.

Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. I wanted her to go with ANY of the guys other than Aruto…. I actually prefer Nao with either Tamaki or Hirose. Posted January 10, I actually like the subtle romance in this series, it works well with the story which is mainly focused on character development and life issues. Takei Emi is gorgeous and she should be credited for her acting because she delivered well. Thanks for your comment.

Started this drama with a whatever feeling, and honestly I englihs liked it! Aruto and Nao gaze at each other, and Aruto goes in for the steal….


I would of liked it if she ended up with Tamaki haha. I agree with most people here, I wasn’t really feeling ArutoxNao.

For those of you on the Aruto boat…congratulations. I guess they like the usual moral of the story thing in jdramas but I think I would love more relationship stuff. Nao tries to reach for something on the top shelf of a storage case…and Aruto gets it for her—which, of course leads to a this-is-awkwardly-close moment…and a perfect lean-in-for-a-kiss opportunity.


I’d actually hate it if it suddenly turned all lovey dovey. I thought I’ve grown out of Japanese high school dramas by now, but Asuko managed to pull me in with its cuteness and earnestness. I agree with Autumn, I’m definitely shipping Tamaki and Nao although I doubt they will end up together.

Like everyone’s been saying, I just don’t feel for Aruto x Nao: I watched the first two episodes and it’s really good. Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Tumblr Opens in new window Click to share on Pocket Opens in new window Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window.

She makes the whole thing believable and doesn’t over exaggerate. By 0ly40 Started December 12, She winds up enrolling in a technical high school called Kenritsu Asuka Kougyou Koukou, also known by the nickname “Asuko. I actually prefer Nao with either Tamaki or Hirose. By firstnadya Started July 7, Can’t seem to find the time to watch this.

Tamaki told her to go confess to Aruto…so of course, Tamaki will tell her to go with Aruto. I still don’t feel anything for the ArutoxNao pairing, it’s like, the plot is trying to force me to believe in their romance, instead of showing me the natural progression of their relationship, which is why I still think Tamaki is a better choice.


And I like her best with Tamaki.

Asuko March: Ep 9 (Finale) – My Drama Tea

It’s refreshing asuk have a main character who’s focused on what she wants to do in regards to her future rather than searching for love. After she hurts her hand, head-band guy, blondie, Tamaki, Takeuchi, Hirose, and crush-guy suddenly appear like the heroes that they are, and start helping her.

Join other subscribers Enter Email Address Here. I demand an alternate ending! Is anyone else watching this?

I liked that Nao eventually learned to appreciate the sweat and grit of doing industrial work. By KimAigels Started April 22, Takeuchi so likes Nao. Announcements February birthdays Login Issue. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

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