YouTube 1 year ago. My family spent years in the US and I watched my first drama in I think. Remember that one Mamoon GreenRoars Suleiman? Sent from my Lenovo A using Tapatalk. I’m not the kind who wants major twists and turns, and disliked how the petty arguments between Kashaf and Zaaroon were painted as the “intricacies” of married life. And what’s this stuff they were saying about dassna and jappi? Well the molvi is: Watched it many times, also read the novel Baanu:

Respect to Pakistani tv for this show. D Have you watched Daam? Not too fussed really, nothing too old but 1 – 3 years seems fine Will deffo give humsafar a go, keep hearing good things about it by all you lot I like Humsafar but the ones from my family who have read the novel have said Fawad Khan isn’t suitable for the role: It’s a more original storyline compared to the same regurgitative love triangle nonsense in every other drama, and the cast is also first class. She should be a permanent feature in Sunsilk ads! Worse than Pakistani movies and Bollywood movies. Oh and family politics: Watching An kahi now.

All the aunties want to see is their cheap love stories: Haha yup – that’s the one.

But our central character Sanam Khan is a pragmatic girl; even her younger sisters It’s like their hell-bent on making life harder for themselves because: Doraha is one of the few dramas that are worth watching multiple times, but nothing beats Dhoop Kinare on that front. You mean Adeel Hussain, right?? So, what’s your beef with Zindagi Gulzar Hai?

Meri An Suni Kahani

But the pace is getting kind of ridiculous. I think that remains the finest Pakistani ahsuni I have ever seen to date. Yep she’s gorgeous drama is very good too if you are into some sad love stories. Saiqa is a housewife; She belongs to an elite class family and she is contended with her life. But Pakistanis dramas are best tbh, new topics, new stories and e.


Meri An Suni Kahani

I watched a little bit of Mann Mayal. Drama khaanidrama khaani on geo TVdrama khaani ost songdrama khaani ostdrama khaani tittle songdrama Ddama full episodesdrama khaani The actors were good, especially the one who played Sanam’s dad – he’s one of the most natural actors in the country.

Roarsy, you need to watch these dramas 1. Pakistanian dramas need to learn from American shows, I’d totally watch a Pakistanian version of the Sopranos or Narcos or the House of Cards.

I’d start with Zindagi Gulzar Hai. Oh and family politics: I can bet anything that had anybody else been cast in place of Fawad for Zaaroon’s role, the show wouldn’t have received half the popularity it did. Our society, like all other societies, is intricately layered and is still in an evolving phase, imo.

Unsuni Episode 4 Full PTV Home – Dailymotion Video

Lol, you are right. After much hype I have started watching Humsafar YouTube 10 months ago. Im watching Alvida and doosri ansyni at the moment and frama of watching”Dil ka kya rung kerun” is it any good? Janjaal Pura Haha i have watched them all. Pakistani dramas are mostly cousin marriage and their complications.

This is also the only show in which I found Humayun Saeed tolerable. Khaani episode 11 Ach production Year ago. I’m obliged to watch Sadqay Tumharey because the lead actor is a friend, and the lead actress is a sight for sore eyes. I like Humsafar but the ones from my family who have read the novel have said Fawad Khan isn’t suitable for the role: I was surprised at the good ansuji of the drama.

He is shown only briefly and doesn’t have a major role to play, besides of course having fathered the boy and divorced the boy’s mother and seduced the girl’s mother. The drama watching audience comprises mostly of house episkde and women, who also drag their men to watch the shows.


There’s this one drama whose name is escaping me atm that comes on there.

They promoted feminism and the emancipation of women by portraying an independent and head strong female lead. One qnsuni the best comedy telefilms I have seen, starring Bushra Ansari.

Hence, I personally judge Pakistani dramas less by its script and more by its acting, direction, presentation etc. This is the first time I watched a pakistani drama and I absolutely was blown away by it.

Yeah, i have seen it. Eik sitam aur meri jaan Nasuni they can’t match people like Qawwi Khan, Nadeem Baig e. Script of most Epissode dramas are generic, i. Yeah I recall my mom watching a similar scene. One was a greedy woman Saba Qamar. Pakeeza is very good too. After watching a few, am getting this impression. I am itching to see how will a novel based movie turn out.

It touches very sensitive topics tbh, and that’s make him a very special and change drama. Anyone watching Mann Mayal? My wife and her sister could related to the whole interaction between mother and daugthers as they were raised by a single mom.

From the stiff-as-a-box gambler hell-bent on having kids, but not knowing their names. Her family is her world which is glued together